Response to “White Student Union” Activities At Towson University


According to a Huffington Post article published today, a “White Student Union” (WSU) at Towson University plans to begin escorting white people on campus to protect them from anticipated evening violence.

This campus organization has spouted overtly racist beliefs before, and even this seemingly noble act of campus protection has racist undertones. A recent WSU blog revealed the following:

The frequent robberies, sexual assaults, and acts of vandalism at Towson University are not often reported in the local media. For those who are not Towson students it seems hard to fathom that every single day black predators prey upon the majority white Towson University student body. White Southern men have long been called to defend their communities when law enforcement and the State seem unwilling to protect our people.

Here’s a clip about the organization posted last year:

Below is the response I posted on the Huffington Post page in response to the article:

“White student unions” typically are conservative and racist reactionary groups. BSUs exist to provide advocacy and political consciousness, and to challenge the legacy of white supremacy while fighting to create more opportunities for Black students to adjust and excel on a predominately white campus.

In contrast, WSU’s represent an exercise in redundancy since they operate on eurocentric campuses where whites dominate major power relationships and cater to white ethnic needs, aesthetics and norms.

In truth, most WSUs embody, promote, and advocate blatantly racist beliefs and practices scarcely different from the Klan. They formed in response to the perceived presence of uppity, annoying Black students who presumably made it to campus based on “unfair” Affirmative Action policies that “emasculated” whites. They observed BSUs coordinate events, protest racist policies, and fight for empowerment – financed by university student fees – and sought to create a student-funded platform for the same racist ideas and actions that led Black students to create BSUs back in the 60s and 70s.

If these neo-conservatives-in-training wish to protect white girls from violence on campus, that’s their business. I’m curious to know HOW they intend to provide such protection effectively. Are these “escorts” trained in martial arts or self-defense? Will they provide ARMED protection? Even more curious and revealing is how they attribute campus violence solely to Black people. One wonders how they’ll respond to campus stalkers, rapists, and nasty drunks of their own hue (who incidentally tend to account for most campus violence).”


I am not in the habit of responding to every ignorant act of racists, as I believe we must be proactive. However the formation of WSUs throughout America signals a wave of racist belief and practice reflective of larger issues in this country. We should acknowledge this dynamic and prepare ourselves to confront it.


Agyei Tyehimba is a former NYC public schoolteacher, co-founder of KAPPA Middle School 215 in the Bronx, NY, and co-author of the Essence Bestselling book, Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler, published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster. Agyei has appeared on C-SpanNY1 News, and most recently on the A&E documentary, The Mayor of Harlem: Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez.” Mr. Tyehimba is a professional consultant and public speaker providing political advice and direction for Black college student organizations, community activist groups, and nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in bringing Agyei to speak or provide consultation for your organization, please contact him at

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