Open Letter to Black Apologists and Traitors

black traitors

Dear duplicitous Black elected officials, spiritual leaders, social commentators, political pundits, scholars, civil right leaders, journalists, talk-show hosts and all other Black/Brown individuals entrusted to advance truth and justice, who due to selfishness and material gain, have betrayed your moral and ethical mandates to serve your  people’s interests  and have instead become willing lap-dogs and apologists for the wicked corporations and American elite, and who bow down to the false gods of money, status and comfort:

 Allow me to share the current state of American affairs with you, from the perspective of we who suffer from your complicity with those you gleefully serve and defend.

 Unions busted all over the country as a result of a concentrated attack on teachers and other workers. Record numbers of school closings. Privatized prisons locking up unprecedented numbers of Black and Brown people on bogus charges  or victimless offenses and illegally bribing judges to keep these jails full. Pharmaceutical companies labeling new ailments and selling deadly and expensive “cures” to the public that cause more ailments than they eliminate. The successful repeal of affirmative action policies and voting rights provisions to protect so-called “minorities.” Unscrupulous laws and regulations aimed at reducing the pool of eligible Black/Brown voters. Increased  militarization and wars waged in Africa and the “Middle East” on behalf of American imperialist “interests.” Outrageously high unemployment and vast underemployment. Illegal and unregulated/unpunished bank practices. Supreme Court permission for corporations to unfairly control and influence national elections. Scores of people unfairly incarcerated for their political beliefs left to rot in American dungeons. Others mischaracterized as “domestic terrorists” hunted down like dangerous criminals with bounties on their heads. The exoneration and even exultation of greedy Wall Street thieves that led America to the brink of financial ruin and robbed citizens of their savings and investments. Record numbers of college student loans denied to Black students. Pervasive poverty and financial instability of millions of hungry and homeless American citizens and decreasing social services to assist them. American corporations operating factories abroad to increase profits while Americans search desperately for work to sustain themselves. A public school system routinely producing citizens that cannot write, critically think or solve problems. Hyper paranoia and concerns of “national security” presumably justified by the 911 attacks which have led to an unprecedented government invasion of citizens’ privacy. Increased xenophobia directed at immigrants, along with fratricide and police brutality in America’s poor urban areas. Government-sanctioned corporate sale of genetically engineered and unhealthy food products.

 Your continued and conspicuous silence on these matters and attempts to defend and justify such conditions under the insulting euphemisms of “austerity” and “national security” constitute acts of the most insidious nature. Either through acts of insidious commission or cowardly omission, you have allowed such policies, actions, and conditions to exist and expand, and in so doing have participated in the sustained suffering, oppression, and exploitation of American citizens. Given the magnitude of your negligence, your behavior rises to the level of being considered acts against humanity which are condemned by every major faith system and secular principle arguing for truth, justice and peace. You have used your power and influence not to end mass suffering, but to help the masses tolerate their suffering peacefully.

 As willing pawns in an elite game of power chess, you’ve been skillfully manipulated by wicked corporations and others to sell us death, false hope, and exploitation in Blackface. Your betrayal and traitorous activity is compounded by the realization that YOU because of our shared race were more effective in deceiving us than whites or others because many of us trusted you and related to you more than we did your bosses. Our mistake has been ignorance and blind faith; your actions however, are criminal given that you knew what the game plan was and cooperated to satisfy your obsessive need for recognition, wealth and power.

 If this nation continues on its present trajectory, the future could indeed become bleak and disturbing for the majority of citizens, not unlike scenes from sci-fi movies like “The Matrix,” “Total Recall,” or the “Book of Eli”… A virtual caste society rigidly divided into the rich and privileged and the poor and powerless. A state of possible martial law and repression where even the most basic freedoms of speech, press, peaceful assembly, religion and petition to redress our grievances become ancient and outdated social practices we refer to in past tense. Once vital and vibrant rural and urban centers – destroyed by war and environmental neglect – degrade into toxic and infertile wastelands used as reservations and prison colonies.

future america
Is this the possible future of America, because our leaders refuse to stand up and speak out?

Immense poverty, deprivation and hopelessness leads to random violence, property destruction, and looting which an occupying army of soldiers are entrusted to ruthlessly subdue. Museums and libraries, places of worship, books, statues of great leaders and thinkers and cultural artifacts destroyed by the tyrannical government to obliterate any chance of historical memory and organized resistance among oppressed citizen-subjects. People receive all their information from government-controlled radio, internet and television broadcasts. Micro-chips are implanted in citizen-subjects for purchase-transactions, identification and surveillance purposes.

Prisoners incarcerated for criminal behavior become free labor or serve in the occupying army, while political and elderly prisoners are quickly executed to suppress any thoughts of uprising and to reduce detention costs. All citizen-subjects except for the elderly or terminally sick are required by law to work in labor camps for up to 15 hours a day, and   people unable to pay their bills are arrested and imprisoned where they become laborers. Constantly paranoid government officials install secret and visible cameras even in the most private places (bathrooms and bedrooms) to monitor citizen-subject activity.

 Seem impractical or improbable? Perhaps, but your pronounced failure to support civil rights and challenge corporate tyranny make these scary scenarios a distinct (even if remote) possibility.  What we know for sure is that major civilizations often collapse not from outside invasion, but from internal rot, neglect and unchallenged acts of inhumanity.

But you still have time to disavow your false gods and questionable values. You can choose to come back home and become righteous agents of truth, justice and peace. Be forewarned however, that your continued support of existing systems of injustice and oppression will not be forgotten nor forgiven by those of us victimized and incensed by your betrayal. Trust and know that your traitorous and cowardly acts will not go unpunished (either by the hand of God or Her human ambassadors here on Earth).

 Your faithful exposer, critic and life-long opponent,

 Agyei Tyehimba


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