The ProActivist’s Thinking


Two days before Christmas, most people experience anxiety in their shopping for presents. Did I forget anyone? Did I catch the best deals? Did I get the right size or color? When it comes to shopping for or receiving gifts, we tend to be quite proactive and assertive. It’s in the non-holiday parts of our lives that tend to be sluggish, as we wish rather than work or stack up countless dreams deferred. But our lives can be proactive and purposeful once we gain ownership of our lives and stop allowing our friends, television stations, corporations, and others command of the cockpit of our minds. It’s time to get up, get out, and get something! No blaming, sulking, or empty dreaming! So quite simply:

If you don’t know, LEARN
If corruption exists EXPOSE IT
If a lie exists,TELL THE TRUTH
If leadership is needed, PROVIDE IT
If you need help, SEEK IT
IF you’re overwhelmed, COLLABORATE
If you’re confused or scattered, MEDITATE
If you want change, ORGANIZE
If it doesn’t exist, BUILD IT
If you’re under attack, DEFEND yourself
If you’re weak, EXERCISE
If you desire wisdom, SEEK MENTORS
If they don’t know. TEACH THEM
If you fail, review your mistakes, AND TRY AGAIN
If their institutions fail, BUILD ALTERNATIVES
If you’re fearful, CONFRONT your fears
If your community is dead, RESURRECT IT

The era of excuses is over. Proactivity and self-reliance are where it’s at. Let’s get it done!

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