New Year’s Resolutions For Progressive People


The new year of 2014 is drawing near everyone! Traditionally, we take this time to catch up with dear friends, and to reflect on the year that comes to a close. In my hometown of New York City, we gather downtown at Times Square braving the brisk temperatures with our party hats. whistles, and other New Year’s accessories – tilting our heads skywards to watch the famous ball descend while we countdown to the new year.

Along with these traditions, we typically attend midnight church service or enjoy extravagant parties. Perhaps the most important New Year’s tradition involves making resolutions, or vows to begin, end, or modify our personal habits for the purpose of self inprovement. The idea of planning to change or adopt new attitudes or habits in the New Year has its origins in ancient and more recent religious traditions when people made promises to deities. Changing one’s lifestyle to include healthier and more empowering choices is always a good idea. This article will list 10 empowering resolutions that progressive-minded people can make to both empower themseles and to help create a more humane and just society going forward into 2014:

1. This is a good time to seriously commit to stop unhealthy practices including smoking cigarettes, or using dangerous narcotics. These habits not only compromise our finances, but they also contribute to factors that lead to cancer, other diseases, and death! Much success , If you choose to quit smoking, or to stop consuming alcohol

2. Stop patronizing companies withracist hiring polcies or that harass women or people of color.

3. Save at least 10% of our income so that we are financially more secure at this time next year.

4. Start or join an organization comiitted to social justice or economic/political empowerment.

5. Make the commitment to mentor one one or a few young people in your community or family.

6. Identify one area of knowledge in which you are deficient and invest the next year to read books and do research to increase your mastery of this area.

7. Identify toxic people in your life (chronically negative, malicious, dishonest, counterproductive argumentative, and/or draining to your spirit). and distance yourself from them starting on New Year’s Day. This includes lovers, friends and relatives.

8. Pursue a new hobby or dream in the new year.
9. Identify a nonprofit organization whose work you respect and donate money to them or volunteer your time.

10. Get and keep your mind right! Study “The Law of Attraction, read the book “As a Man Thinketh,” and take charge of your thoughts!


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