25 Ways to Change the World


1. Don’t take things personally
2. Don’t take or consume more than you really need
3. Express yourself clearly, fully and sincerely
4. Only disseminate accurate information
5. Expect the best for yourself and others
6. Organize your time and money
7. Treat others as you want to be treated
8. Use every chance you get to display gratitude for your blessings
9. Laugh, listen to good music, and enjoy the company of good people
9. Be balanced when criticizing others
10. Appreciate and implement the awe-inspiring power of silence and reflection
11. Know when to take a stand and when to sit down
12. Control your negative emotions
13. Think affirming and empowering thoughts
14. Forgive those who’ve offended you
15. Apologize to those you’ve offended
16. Look for and build on the best in other people
17. Define yourself
18. Develop and use your talents
19. Don’t whine or complain
20. Hold unjust people/institutions accountable
21. Raise children more spiritually empowered, intelligent, and talented than yourself
22. Be accountable for your own happiness
23. Be generous with your resources
24. Believe in and utilize “THE FORCE”
25. Do, say, write, build, organize, challenge, SOMETHING to make the world better

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