A Black Power Outline…(My Manifesto)

An oldie but goodie! My Black Power Manifesto


black fist

You will notice this article is entitled “A” not “THE” Black Power Outline. This is to connote that it is not the definitive, exclusive, or “divine” plan – just my own thoughts on how to transform our collective condition in the United States. The reference to an outline, suggests that this is not an exhaustive plan. Everything is not spelled out or filled in here, nor should it be. Use your imagination and intelligence and apply or reject as you see fit.

Finally, this plan is not novel, new, or any indication of some “genius” on my part, but simply an attempt to apply some common sense and draw from great minds of the past. You will also notice that the following remarks draw from a number of my previous articles which generally address the questions of how we are oppressed, why we are oppressed, and what we must do…

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