A Sankofa Call for Real Black Leadership



If you read my previous article entitled. “A Sankofa Call to Black Student Unions,” you already know where this article is headed.

There are some who believe different economic and political terrain forges different politics and therefore, leadership. Using this logic, it is impractical to expect race-conscious, mass movement leadership like that of Dr, King, Marcus Garvey, or the Huey and Bobby. “Those were different times, those days are gone,” such people say with a touch of melancholy nostalgia in their voices.

98f/42/hgmp/12704/tep039 THe Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and “Negro World” newspaper, visionary behind the “Black Star” Shipping Line, and one of our greatest advocates for self-reliance and race solidarity.

Yet this issue like most is a matter of perspective. Certainly Garvey’s rise to prominence first in Harlem then throughout the world, owes much to the large immigration of West Indians to Harlem, 750,000…

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