General Thoughts About Black Liberation

The repeated occurrence of police brutality against Black people and our recent responses to it, has many of us thinking seriously about what a Black Liberation Movement should involve. I’ve been in several discussions on this topic throughout the years, and have done my best to seriously study prior strategies, tactics, and liberation movements in our history.

I’m all for economic empowerment in addition to education, politics, etc. But the keys to whatever we do (as illustrated in my post), are that:

1. We think outside the box, not within existing “rules” and paradigms created by our enemies

2. We raise consciousness among our people so they know how/why they are oppressed and don’t fall victim to fear, ego or greed

3. We employ a flexible, grassroots approach that identifies and develops indigenous leadership in EVERY city/state, rather than a top-down, dogmatic, charismatic leader approach highlighting one or a few media-recognized “Black leaders.”

4. We actively study, discuss and critique strategy and tactics rather than move impulsively on false information or half-baked ideas.

5. We institutionalize: write books, build schools/programs, do documentaries, create curriculums/outlines or blueprints that outlive us and inform future generations.

6. Study and tweak already existing blueprints developed by our authentic ancestors like Elijah Muhammad, Ella Baker, Frantz Fanon, Kwame Nkrumah, Robert F. Williams, etc.

7. Refuse to duplicate oppressive models that really should be DISMANTLED and ABANDONED rather than recycled.

8. Realize that our subjugation was/is a PROCESS, and our liberation will also be a PROCESS.

9. Refuse to be dogmatic and inflexible. Tactics/strategies should be based on the circumstances at hand and resources available.

10. Develop the capacity to identify and neutralize the efforts of informants, and agents in our community.

One thought on “General Thoughts About Black Liberation

  1. Great job as always brother. I think that it is time that we start examining what in the world would we put in place of this existing system when we achieve some semblance of liberation.

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