11 Qualities to Enhance Black Love Relationships



love yin yang

As evidenced by tons of successful books, romantic comedy movies, Valentine’s Day and the popularity of musical ballads, romance is a billion-dollar business and important topic in America. That’s much more than we can say about romantic relationships themselves which appear at times to fluctuate between the illusion of ecstasy and  the reality of misery. Perhaps that explains the allure of romantic comedies, erotic novels and sex symbols. These fantasies fascinate us precisely because they produce scenarios and feelings desperately missing from our real life relationships.

I am obliged at the onset to admit that I am no relationship expert or love guru.

Steve Harvey's Bestselling book on relationships, targeted to women Steve Harvey’s Bestselling book on relationships, targeted to women

Throughout past and current intimate relationships I have been stubborn, selfish, and immature at times.I do think about this topic often however, and have formed some opinions on the matter. Besides, if Steve Harvey – a comedian married three times –…

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