Open Letter to Brother Umar Johnson Concerning Your Plans for a New Boys Academy

June, 19, 2015

Dr. Umar Johnson:

Days ago, I wrote an article in which I supported your mission  to create the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Black boys. I hope you will read my article of support at the link above when time permits. I also hope you will read an article critical of you which I referred to in my own article.

As you will note when you read my article, it was balanced and fair. I referred to you as “a brother using his voice and knowledge to push a strong Black agenda for our people.” I included a link to your Gofundme page and encouraged people to support you. I included video clips of you speaking for yourself. I addressed concerns from some in the Black community alleging that you are sexist and “homophobic.” I attempted to argue that Black folk representing these concerns  have a right to raise questions with you and even challenge your positions, but that we should still support the proper education of our children and your mission to build a new academy. I specifically supported your institution-building and educational endeavor rather than you specifically, because I didn’t think our people should see this as personal issue specific to you, your personality, academic credentials, fundraising methods, speaking style, etc.

Over 2,000 people (at last count) read that article, and I’ve naturally received a number of supportive and critical responses. Of those who were critical of you, some sent selected video clips of you and raised questions concerning your level of humility, gratitude, transparency, accountability and strategic plans for the school. I should add that many of these people are themselves credible Black activists, educators and organizers with a long and deep record of service to our people. They are not “Uncle Toms,” “sell-outs” or to the best of my knowledge, informants or agents. I myself am a fellow Pan-African Nationalist. As such, we believe that no one is above legitimate criticism, and members of our community have a right and responsibility to raise questions whenever someone takes the mantle of leadership, endeavors to speak for us, or asks us for financial contributions. I write to you humbly asking you to respond to the following questions/statements raised from our brothers and sisters concerning your plans to build a new boys academy.

One brother who responded to my article of support for your academy, sent me a link of you on a talk show:

In this audio clip, a sister asks you questions about transparency and financial accountability (“How do we know how much money you raised?”) and we hear you ask the show host to take a break, adding that the sister is “a reactionary.” The sister didn’t seem to be accusatory or disrespectful, she just asked a valid question.

Question 1: Do you have a transparent system of financial records or accounting that allows supporters to know exactly how much money you’ve accumulated without having to depend simply on what you say? 1a.How much as of this date have you raised via check, cash and Gofundme, and how much additional money do you need? 1b. Why did you cut the sister off from her legitimate line of questioning and refer to her in such a derogatory manner?1c. If for any reason, you are unable to secure the properties you mentioned, how will you use all the monies you’ve accumulated in your fundraising campaigns?

Another brother who happens to be a committed and credible activist in Detroit shared the following video clip with me upon hearing my support for you:

In this clip, you come off as arrogant, mean-spirited and ungrateful for the small contributions some in our community made to your fundraising effort. I watched it at least 5 times and was quite honestly, shocked by your words and spirit. Such words and spirit seem contradictory to your status as a spokesperson or leader for Black people. Like the previous clip, this one makes it difficult to get people to support you or your efforts. Some have said you sound entitled, callous, money-grubbing and self-serving. People (including myself) were especially disturbed by your statements “Trifling-ass Black people,” your insistence that people send you monthly payments, and your suggestion that you won’t advise or help (and would even hang up on) Black parents who didn’t contribute to money to your school effort.

Question 2: Can you respond to the above criticisms/observations of your words/behavior in this clip? 2a. Is there anything for which you’d like to apologize?

Another major critique is that you have yet to announce or produce a comprehensive plan of this proposed school (operating costs, curriculum, proposed annual budget, hiring, etc.). If you haven’t yet, doing so might help your fundraising efforts.

Question 3: Do you have a video clip or document that explains a comprehensive and strategic plan regarding the academy? 3a. If so, can you provide that link or document? 3b. Creating a school requires a collaborative team effort. No one individual can effectively raise money, plan curriculum, coordinate hiring, educational materials/supplies and other concerns alone. Do you have such a team or board in place? If so, who is on this board and what are their qualifications?

As I wrote in my previous article of support for your school:

“If people believe he has some growing to do on the issue of gender and LGBT issues, challenge, debate, and educate him. He and we must understand that homosexuality is not new and is likely not going to end. I’d bet money that some of the teachers, students, and parents involved in the academy will be gay. How will they deal with this reality?

But I encourage us not to sabotage his efforts to build a much-needed learning institution for our children. The education they receive in public schools is destroying their esteem, academic potential, and love of their Black selves and community.

Existing schools led and staffed by our collective enemies have an agenda. They are raising generations of folks who will be non-critical thinkers, and semi-skilled docile menial laborers (or over-achieving and brainwashed middle-class negroes) in a white capitalist system. And all of us who graduated from elementary, middle, or high school and college need to remember that many of those institutions were created and staffed by white folk, some of whom were racist, sexist, and had issues with the LGBT lifestyle.”

Unlike others, I do not believe you are a “fraud,” based on all your previous work, the courageous stands you’re willing to take on our behalf, and the way you respond to brother Malcolm’s call for us to Wake up, Clean up, and Stand up!” I do however, believe you – like myself and everyone else – have room to grow and improve. I also believe our people (even those with whom we disagree) have the right and responsibility to question and critique you. Likewise, you as a prominent leader and educator have a right and responsibility to explain, defend, clarify, and if necessary, apologize and tweak your public positions or ideas. This is especially true given that Black people have historically been vulnerable to fellow Black people with ulterior motives, hidden agendas, and disingenuous schemes.

In this sincere Pan-African Nationalist spirit I write to you, and ask that you respectfully respond to the questions posed by those in our community who do see value in independent African-centered education and leadership.

Black power and Black solidarity always,

Agyei Tyehimba


Agyei Tyehimba is an educator, activist and author from Harlem, N.Y. Agyei is a former NYC public schoolteacher, co-founder of KAPPA Middle School 215 in the Bronx, NY, and co-author of the Essence Bestselling book, Game Over: The Rise and Transformation of a Harlem Hustler, published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster. In 2013, he wrote The Blueprint: A BSU Handbook, teaching Black student activists how to organize and protest. In April of 2014, he released Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens. Agyei has appeared on C-SpanNY1 News, and most recently on the A&E documentary, The Mayor of Harlem: Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez.” 

Agyei earned his Bachelor’s Degree in sociology from Syracuse University, his Master’s Degree in Africana Studies from Cornell University, and his Master’s Degree in Afro-American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

If you are interested in bringing Agyei to speak or provide consultation for your organization, please contact him at

78 thoughts on “Open Letter to Brother Umar Johnson Concerning Your Plans for a New Boys Academy

  1. Have you ever remembered a time when the black community called someone a fraud, and it turned out that the person was, in fact, NOT a fraud? No. When it gets to the point of being labeled as a fraud, it’s because their actions AND words speak the loudest. No one should have to kindly “request” a solidified curriculum or operational plan for a school when Umar has been raising funds for a year and the school has a public website.

    I’d like to know why he’s raised so much money when he hasn’t even been granted 501c3 tax-exempt status for the school yet. And why the checks should be made out to “c/o Umar Johnson”……………

      1. That is my voice on the first clip. Someone just sent this to me. I am glad to see that real black men are speaking up and out for the protection of black children. I have been asking these very legitimate questions for the past few years and they have been sidestepped and deflected by Umar and his cultish followers.

        The use of these buzz words like reactionary, agent, sellout, negropean, etc., are words that are readily resorted to in order to shut down the conversation so no scrutiny can be allowed and no questions answered. This is one of many tactics this actor has utilized, along with fear mongering and creating unfounded paranoia in the minds of black people, in order to keep money flowing into his pockets with no real accountability demands met.

        This huge scam has got to be called out for what it is and black people who are sincere and have been doing the work or even black people who haven’t, have every right to ask these questions without fear of being mischaracterized, shamed or labeled, for the sake of black children.

        Allowing this to continue without doing so, is not what liberation is about and there is certainly nothing conscious about it. One would in fact have to be the exact opposite, fast asleep, to fall for it and to let it go unchecked.

    1. Uh actually Marcus Harvey to this day is accused of fraud. Guess what? J.Edgar Hoover was appointed to do this. Marcus Harvey was his first big case. That school will NEVER be built. Too many blacks like you and the author of this article are kind if childish. I actually verified Umar was trying to buy thay school last yr through a friend who had the means to check it out for me. What exactly are all of you jumping on Umar actually building? NOTHING. Sit down…

      1. Don’t be so naive…..and rude. Maybe YOU could verify and satisfy your doubts but not all of us have your connections. This article (if you read it) is just asking for more transparency, that’s all. And that’s a legitimate concern. We’re not jumping on him. “That school will NEVER be built.” You manage to be defensive and pessimistic at the same time. If anyone’s childish, it’s you.

      2. You mean Marcus Garvey…and if he is so interested in buying it why hasn’t Mr. Johnson donated most of his own money to the cause. Seems like he is getting pretty far off his lectures. Don’t you ever compare him to the great Jamaican nationalist.

    2. I don’t think Dr. Umar is planning to utilize his facility as a 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organization. I could be wrong. But I think what he is doing is absolutely necessary for the survival of our collective community of black people.

    3. Referring to this comment and some of the ones that followed previously, first of all, most black leaders were called frauds at some point. Hello, COINTELPRO, not to mention the entire hostile racist environment of this country will contribute to that as well as a certain portion of the black community being swept up and brainwashed by it as a result.

      So in that way Umar, Marcus, Malcom or any black leaders have this indirect similarities.

      Doesn’t mean it’s a direct comparison of him to Marcus.

      Secondly, and most importantly, sure some transparency would be nice. But 501C3 or no, the bottom line is that this $5 million is truly a drop in the bucket! Sure it’s a ton of money in the eyes of any of us as individuals.

      But look around at the world, of business and even crowdfunding. Over the past 5 years white people (and folks of all ethnicities) have raise 10’s of millions, hundreds of millions even with kickstarters for things as various and random as music/records/tours, art of all kinds, businesses of all kinds, profit and non-profit ventures and projects of all types.

      Some example some white dude named Zach Brown tried to raise $10 to make a potato salad and he ended up with $55,000 because it went viral. Remember the Pet Rock, or the ChiaPet?? Those ignorant fuckers made millions for nothing, contributing absolutely nothing to humanity!!

      And here we are squabbling, crabs in a bucket.

      We need to unite damnit and get this man his 5 million, hell, let’s over deliver and get the man 10 million!

      Sure maybe he has not publicized any plans he may have, but how often do you see that from a kickstarter? It’s for the owner to produce the results, and there’s always the risk of failure! If he fails or turns out to be a fraud and somehow walks with the money, who cares! At least someone tried! Then would be your opportunity to step up and be a leader, and do the job correct!

      Start your kickstarter or raise your millions, if you have so many bright ideas! I am by no means being sarcastic either, completely serious. This is what we need, more people doing this, more people raising money, more people taking responsibility to educate our own youth.

      Again, most important: 5 million is truly at drop in the bucket! Do your research! Morris Brown College just sold recently to the city of Atlanta for 14 million!!!! And notice, the board of St. Pauls is giving Umar a long time to allow him to raise the funds, and they’re giving him an EXTREME bargain because they are trying to do their part to make this possible and keep the campus under BLACK OWNERSHIP and OPERATION. They are giving up literally MILLIONS in profit on sale of that property, so that is their official donation to the cause. Never forget that part. They’ve already made a contribution larger than any of us ever could.

      There we go. Let’s LEVEL UP everything people. Continue infighting if you want, but whatever you do, I highly suggest you get behind something, build something, or raise money for something, whether you’re behind Umar or not.


      1. Are you kidding? You don’t fund words. You fund a viable plan after you review it and agree with what is beibgbput forth. Any project that seeks public monies should be critically analyzed period. This is not a wish and a prayer type thing. He must present a proposal, with bylaws, a board of directors, budget, curriculum, self-sufficiency plan, and a host of other information. He does not get a pass based on propaganda and rhetoric. He refuses to address important issues and answer questions about his education and experience. Nobody as of today can verify where he graduated college orcwhat school he is working for? He is a damn fraud.

      2. Agreed! After all the fraudulent schemes, betrayal and con artistry we’ve endured, we cannot afford to give ANYONE a pass. Being conscious means being critical. Those who are authentic leaders (or perceive themselves to be) LOVE and VALUE Black people. Because they love Black people, they want to provide EXCELLENT service. They want to earn community respect and support from those they love. Therefore they are welcoming, transparent and demonstrate integrity.

  2. That is my voice on the first clip. Someone just sent this to me. I am glad to see that real black men are speaking up and out for the protection of black children. I have been asking these very legitimate questions for the past few years and they have been sidestepped and deflected by Umar and his cultish followers.

    The use of these buzz words like “reactionary”, “agent”, “sellout:, “negropean:, etc., are words that are readily resorted to in order to shut down the conversation so no scrutiny can be allowed and no questions answered. This is one of many tactics this actor has utilized, along with fear mongering and creating unfounded paranoia in the minds of black people, in order to keep money flowing into his pockets with no real accountability demands met.

    This huge scam has got to be called out for what it is and black people who are sincere and have been doing the work or even black people who haven’t, have every right to ask these questions without fear of being mischaracterized, shamed, maligned or labeled, for the sake of black children. Allowing this to continue without doing so, is not what liberation is about and there is certainly nothing “conscious” about it. One would in fact have to be the exact opposite, fast asleep, to fall for it and to let it go unchecked.

    1. Huge scam? Can you verify Dr Umar has been scamming us? Nope you can not. The reason is because I actually have a friend that verified Dr Umar actually did try to purchase that school last yr. Unlike you all I did my homework. Ince again more black people who are doing NOTHING are trying to shut down a brother who actually is making a real effort. I won’t donate again because I know that school will never open now and you all are helping make sure it never opens. This is why black America has nothing. He banged a stripper. Crucify him!

      1. I don’t know what kind of so called research you and your “friend” did but your “homework” gets a grade of F. I called the school directly back when he lied and announced he had the school last year. He never even made a bid. The only thing he did was go there and make a YouTube video. Yes it is a huge scam and no one at that real estate auction company will tell you otherwise. He also is not a doctor and he has several different aliases. So stop lying. The rip off has happened and black people are still left looking ridiculous because they refuse to ask basic questions.

      2. I have a friend who is a private investigator and former cop. I will take his word over your one phone call sorry…

  3. Umar is a fraud. Another hustler. I ordered a book from him 2+ years ago that I figured would help me with my nephew to fight Montgomery County Public Schools which had it out for him. Nothing. I reached out for over a year not wanting to discredit him.. I cannot believe I actually took him serious for so long. “My Issues With The Pro Black Community” on my blog is in part inspired by his nonsense. So grateful for this communication. Thank you!

      1. here’s an excerpt from urban dilema’s blog, of the few relating to anything African:

        In my opinion, the PBC is an ego trap. The “leaders” validate themselves by degrading other people of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, alternative lifestyles and so on. They are capitalist in their own right, attempting to capitalize off of the ancient past and ignorant future. Human societies must evolve in order to survive. Evolving DOES NOT mean assimilating. Nobody, and certainly not black people, OWN the planet. But let them tell it …

        I feel like their target audience is people in search of an identity, or new paradigm. Like those leaving the church. Those folks are influenced to replace the religious paradigm with an Afrocentric one, which isn’t necessarily beneficial or relevant to them, personally. The “good life” is subjective .. there’s no uniform right way to live.

        We are Africans in America; ok fine. But then let’s grapple with the scientific evidence that ALL HUMAN FORMS originated in Africa. Lose the “black” thing. Be a universal human seeking justice for all. And mean it.

        I’d bet a number of these so called black leaders come straight from the gutter and or broken homes. No disrespect, but it’s evident that shame and guilt has shaped them into angry people who want to “do onto others what has been done to them.” They are cult leaders wanting you to subscribe to THEIR notion of reality and progress.

        And then they have the nerve and audacity to bash the LGBTQ community.

        Who holds the authority on disgust? On human sexuality? Sexual orientation and preferences. Huh? Prototypes are subjective. Fuck your opinion of what a “black man” or “black woman” is “supposed” to look like, walk like, talk like, dress like, have sex with. SAYS WHO?!

        It’s bullshit. They are hustling. Hustling hate, hustling anger, hustling negativity. They aren’t healing anybody but themselves and their pockets. What each and everyone of us individuals do, make up the human race. Besides committing genocide and harming others, what’s right and what’s wrong?

        If you listen close enough, you’ll hear them contradict themselves severely when it comes to male-female relationships (particularly the male leaders). Just be mindful of their got damn books, “services” and pipe dreams up for sale. Just check it all out after reading this.

        If they aren’t organizing a Pan-African Body Politic inclusive of ALL Black/African/Indigenous peoples, exactly what are they doing?

  4. Definitely a fraud in my eyes. I ordered a book from him that I figured would help my Sister and me fight the Montgomery County Public School System who had it out for my nephew. After trying to contact him for over a year .. I started to realize I was following him almost blindly, and needed to take a step back. I didn’t want to discredit him so quickly. After over 2 years of supporting Umar, despite his ill attitude towards the LGBT community, I stopped. Now when I listen to his rhetoric is makes me sick. It’s gotten worse. He refers to women as “thirsty” and little girls as “fast” as if they exist in a vacuum. What has he actually done, what does he do other than run his mouth?! When I went off about this on twitter, a guy from Philly hit me up saying he’s heard the same things about Johnson. That he doesn’t follow up with folks and lectures more than he actually helps people. Can anyone vouch for him? My post “My Issues With The Pro Black Community” is in part inspired by Johnson. He seems bitter as if he was rejected by the White folks and now he wants poor black people to see him as their saving grace. I may be getting off topic now. Just wanted to give my “true sense” as well. Thanks.

  5. this cat recently called a sista a “tramp” just because she was involved in sex work ,and lost receiving 1 million dollars from some pro ball playing athlete whose occupation it is to minstrel and entertain mostly white team owners, on a mission to become astronomically rich by selling coca cola poison and pipe dreams.

    contesting rumors of stripper related escapades,he said after what can only be described as thuggish rant aimed at the sista -that hes gonna put an end to this once and for all”.

    in addition,this so called leader has been accused of womanizing within the movement ,building what can be considered a flock of women, some of whom have/had developed real feelings for him, due in part to his larger than life,overly romanticized, iconic revolutionary imagery and promises of the black liberation way forward.

    contrary to what he would have us believe,it appears that his adoption of the archetype revolutionary pimp/player/gamer,has done more to damage the chance of movement building, that includes schools for black youth,than any sex working stripper could ever do.

    as mentioned before,no leader is above criticism… period!!! malcolm wasnt.huey wasnt and frederick either, so why should we reserve criticism for some new cat on the political scene when the delicate issue of freedom and liberation for african people are concerned?

    no backward tendencies of chauvinism and patriarchy can be tolerated! leadership involves resistance to imperialist culture on every level!

    insist on transparency and a political line for this and all organizations professing to be working to remove our imperialist shackles!!


  6. WOW!! that second video really urked my nervous! I was on board with him, actually like some of his teachings, but when you are a leader you should be transparent. I love the idea he has.. but he is truly rough around the edges.

  7. 1. The only people left to support this felonious assault upon the black woman’s character, purpose and existence are the ones that subscribe to the mentality of….”Bros before ho’s” because no self respecting black person worthy of his/her own shadow with a black mother, sister, daughter or wife could or would stomach such disrespect to the point of defending the perpetrator of such a despicable display of disrespect regardless of their stature, influence or power.

    Click the link and here what you never heard…–HrZgw2c.

    2. “I was alone with this maggot in my life. “We” had the money in “our” hands, but my careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream.” …… Dr. Umar johnson


    The black woman is the foundation of any community. the black woman brings forth life and raise the babies therefore how can any man be about community when disrespecting the black woman. the black man refuse to give the black woman a seat on the train, use her as a human shield when someone is shooting at him and lay down with her only to go before the world and call the sister a maggot and a tramp. Our attitude towards and treatment of the black woman is why the world will not intervene to stop the killing of the black man.


    The true test of a mans character is what he would do if he thought he would never be found out. had Umar got the money he would have never mentioned this episode.

    i support character, integrity, commitment, continuity, honor and consistency of purpose.

    Umar by his own admission failed the people and is a man without courage or honor to place the burden of his failure upon the sister when he is..the man.

    We can’t get it together until the black man accept responsibility for us not being together.

    No cause is greater than the man because you must always consider the source first especially when the source is the foundation upon which the cause is built. Is the cause of a priest greater than the child he molested?

    and with that being said the sister should take the ride for his transgression and the blame for his monetary loss and the hit to her reputation…is that the flavor?

    The sisters motives or intent is neither here nor there because …who’s the man? brothers need to decide right now are we men or mice?

    There is a reason why in any conquest they kill the men first they kill the men first because…..You are the man.

    Once the man is taken out of the equation your competition, adversary or nemesis can have their way with the woman and child but instead of some black men standing to say I accept responsibility, “I should have been there” they say “That ain’t on me because…, She should watch who is around her kids, We wasn’t together, I can’t tell her who to date, “My careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream.” and….. If that sounds like you then… You are a mouse.

    Men don’t care whose fault it is when it comes to his woman or child because either way you have to get through him first and that’s why they take out the men first because they know that about men going in.

    Your woman and your child expect you to take it like a man no matter whose fault it is when it comes to accepting the responsibility. Everyone knows what they can expect from a man and that’s why entities like the Federal law enforcement use it for leverage.

    Federal law enforcement tell their target that your wife is involved but for the sake of her and your children you can take the rap and she doesn’t have to go to prison. You can do the 20 years for her. A man says: “I accept responsibility, “I should have been there” just leave my wife out of it” she had nothing to do with it.

    A mouse will throw her under the bus saying, “she did the crime let her do the time.”or.. “My careless association with a tramp, disguised as a Queen, may have cost me my dream.”

    “Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr has agreed to a plea deal that involves him selling out his wife in a federal tax fraud probe, CBS 2 in Chicago is reporting.

    A second source added: “I think.. Sandi, feels like she was thrown under the bus by her husband.”

    Are we men or mice?

    1. Blackman rising

      Great insight into a pressing problem within the psyche of our men. I could use an out spoken man such as yourself in our political party called the National African Liberation Party. If interested please contact me brother at for further details.

    2. Read your well thought out comment, but it is true… she is a tramp. If a real relationship developed between Dr. Umar and Kyhm do you think she would have outted him? She was hoping to snare a man with her body and it just didn’t work out that way. At this point, I am no longer a fan of Dr. Umar… but that doesn’t make this stripper woman a hero. I was a stripper during most of my 20’s until I wised up and learned a thing or two about self respect. To be a stripper requires for a woman to leave her home at night when she should be home with her children. It requires for a woman to be half dressed shaking her tits and ass in a strange man’s face. Sometimes you’re entertaining married men, perverts and lonely men with low self esteem… as they stick wet dirty dollars down your lingerie and it sticks to your soft skin… some just drop dollars on the dirty floor like you’re nothing. She was disrespected by Dr. Umar because that is the way she treats herself. At 48 years old, that is plenty of time to switch over into a respectable career. She is very fit, why not teach others about fitness and health… do something more with yourself? She is just hurt because Dr. Umar crushed her cakes and gave nothing in return but a round trip ticket back to the hotel. She should know better… at her age that as a woman you are taking a chance when you sex men early on and way too soon in the relationship. Most men will not take that woman seriously, but they will sex her over and over again. She is no Queen… she is just what Dr. Umar called her. A virtuous woman is a Queen, she carries herself with dignity and decency… she is a ruling Empress… but we’ve forgotten that. Tramps like the conscious stripper are around men all day, they know what to say to men, they are astute and in-tune with men… But a real Queen attracts men who are in-tune with her. A virtuous female spirit is the highest expression of femininity… and that vibration naturally attracts masculine energy…. and does not repel it. She is hurt, because she doesn’t understand that concept and while she attracted his body, she couldn’t captivate his mind. And that is sad, because she is very intelligent… but she doesn’t think highly enough of herself to maintain her virtue.

  8. Brothers and Sisters,
    I for one have followed Dr. Johnson’s work and find his accusations against our American school systems credible. The experience I have gained as a parent, grandparent, retired-Systems Engineer, and now substitute teacher within our local system leans me further towards supporting Dr. Johnson. With that said, this open letter does ask relevant questions. Dr. Johnson’s demeanor is one who faces great challenges on the Frontlines while challenging his peers and must also convince a nation of people to fight for their own self-worth. This is clearly and eternally frustrating. We as African Americans have a blind spot when it comes the real disreputable authority figures, especially preachers. And I have heard many preachers shout the last dime out of the poorest of pockets without a whimper from the African American communities, only for those funds to disappear into the night. Yet they continue without showing a bit of respect for the people or the God they use as leverage. So we must understand that Dr. Johnson’s attitude carries the pain of our malaise and shortsighted indignities.
    In a venture such as what Dr. Johnson proposes, he must work with clarity and transparency. Yes, he must be able to account for the funds donated to this cause, if not for our peace of mind; for the establishments and community rapist that will challenge him later. But tell me, how many are standing in the forefront with him? How many are putting their years of education, welfare, and security on the line with him? How many are canvassing their communities to seek out support for a venture that secures our history and rescues our children from the parasites that feed on them daily? Where are our talented-tenth that should be shouldering this burden with him? We need to ask these questions of ourselves also. Then the answers we seek may be forthcoming sooner. We trust the thieves that stalk us by night and slaughter the one that holds the candle.
    In light of our varied responses this year to the travesties already heaped on our communities, we have proven scattered and fearful of everything that is not boldfaced and white. While we are charging Dr. Johnson’s door, we also need to kick down some of our faux Black leaders’ doors and ask why they have not come up with these resolutions sooner. So, I will wait patiently for Dr. Johnson’s next step. Just as we are waiting patiently and forgiving for a murderer to be brought to justice in a court that understands we care little about justice, just the next meal to fatten our bellies.

    1. I’m very curious…. Do we question when they’re building prisons for our black boys turning into Men??? Question the lack of education in our schools??? The guns the drugs the State Stores the Beer stores the Chinese Store selling Rats and Dogs to our People The lack of activities in our community, But we beat up a Man that’s trying to build a school for OUR, children and Grille him! So I know that all of the Activist that sent the videos and have doubt and don’t want to support him.
      Neighborhoods don’t have any of these problems! We really need to ask ourselves these questions and check our surroundings before we beat each other down! Let’s also not forget None of us are perfect!

      1. We can actually question them ALL. To not question people is what leads to cults and cult-like behavior. No man is above another man and the conscious community has exalted this man to a god-like status… untouchable, unquestionable. He may be good in his specific realm of study (child psychology), but where he gets it wrong is when he tries to step out of those bounds. He is not a relationship expert, if he were, he wouldn’t be a 2x baby daddy and never been married. He is no expert on homosexuality, that is clear. So keep him in his place, and the community won’t have any issues with him.

  9. One part in that vid that was especially kinda messy that I dont see many people mention is his reasons for wanting it to be a residential school. He’s said this same type of thing in another video i seen. That basically it has to be residential because the parents are gonna undo all the good work the school will do if the child has to live with his/her parents. The fucked up thing is he’s basically calling the parents unqualified to be parents, and saying he can do a better job.

    Extra fucked up is the parents he talking about are the ones that are gonna be the main donators and the people to send their kids to his school. This man literally stood up there and said in so many words, I can raise your kids better than you can. And that he doesnt even trust you to have your own kids from 4pm till school the next day or youre gonna fuck it up.

    The main response people give is “you cant expect him to be perfect” and “hes only human” when he’s the one putting himself above everyone else. They play dumb when people point out that he talks down to his followers and puts himself above them when he makes statements like that. That his modus operandi is pretty much “donate or shut up”. Ask questions, you’re an agent. Okay so you don’t ask the question, you go try and get information yourself. He tells you “stop calling and asking them white folk about me!”. He can’t be ‘only human’ if he doesn’t allow his people that. HE put himself in a position where he has to be perfect because he allows no one to question or criticize him. And I’m sorry but no one can tell me that a good leader shouldn’t try to encourage critical thinking. Umar literally does the opposite. Criticizes the church but then turns around and uses the same tactics. He’s making it faith based when it shouldn’t have to be.

    Like I even remember one video where he said next time he wasn’t even gonna tell people what school he was going to bid on because negroes were calling and asking too many questions and somehow that made it harder for him to get the school. It’s ridiculous. This dude is almost on some textbook cult leader shit at this point. And he can do that cause his followers allow it and cultivate it. It’s crazy cause when you think about it..who else could form some shit like this better than a psychologist lol. Knows the exact buttons to push to guilt people into donations. Got it so good that something as simple as asking for a business plan or just more details in general before you fork over money MONTHLY, not just once, but MONTHLY donations makes you a coon. He doesn’t even have to say shit his followers do it, on some “B-b-but you bought Jordans” lol.

  10. Bro Agyei, as a supporter of Dr. Umar, and as an educator, Pan Africanist, and as an elder who has been in this Struggle for over 4 decades, you have spoken my sentiments exactly. Every last word you wrote I couldn’t agree with more. BTW – that phone call, I know the sister who raised those questions. She is well known in the so-called black feminist movement and is a blog host too. I was in a heated forum while she was bashing him, and I defended him, and she said she was going to expose him on air. (she had legitimate concerns). I immediately messaged him to warn him of her on-air call that was a set-up. He didn’t respond back to me, and a few minutes later her call went through. I really thought he’d handle it more diplomatically and I was embarrassed by his manner in that call. Needless, to say, she came back to the forum claiming victory in her “exposing him” as she claimed.

    I can say from the jump, he and I clicked on all aspects of his educational vision, for I too am apologetically African and wholeheartedly endorse Afri-centered education for our people. Independent Freedom schools are the ONLY way to go. But, after 35 years in the field, I and others have not figured out how financially that can happen and neither has he. My main question is: If he miraculously gets the necessary funds to purchase the property, how is he going to maintain it? Tuition? That’s not real. I’ve been there, did that. The very targeted audience he wishes to assist, do not have the funds for “private school” education. I want to see his business plan, his projected financials, his proposed budget, but he’s not revealing it.

    All I can say now is that our good, well meaning YOUNG brother is “very” human, with some diplomatic and sexual challenges he needs to work on. [You know the conscious stripper’s tapes have him on blast too]. I firmly believe that eventually, he’ll pull it all together and become wiser, more patient and stronger from all his trials to date. Soon, he’ll realize that as a “leader”, arrogance is different from being secure and confident. He’ll soon realize also that emotions are different from passions, and will loose more than he gains if he doesn’t learn to control his emotions. Soon, he’ll realize not everyone who is critical, or asks questions are not his enemy.

    The people love him and that’s to his benefit, BUT the “people” can’t get him the cash he needs, rather it’s our intelligentsia’s support where he will get his mileage in terms of correct advise and money. If those folk are alienated, he can forget any success.

    As for you bruh, stay on him, because in the end result he will realize he needs folk like yourself on the Team, and that can only happen when he accepts critical analysis and commentary without taking it personal. I told him previously, I’m on board if he needs my expertise, but right now, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole until he corrects himself as above reproach and criticism. So, until that Board is established, he’s out there wasting his time and energy going nowhere but down by being compared to a “pimping preacher”. I wish him nothing but the best regardless, because I still believe his heart is in the right place.

    1. So you had to go and “warn him” about my call with a legitimate question about the money he is stealing from black folks but aren’t willing to warn black people that they are being a victim of a con job. Yet we are supposed to take you seriously when you say you have the best interest of black people and specifically black children at heart. Right.

      This is the hipocrisy of these so-called Pan Africanists and Hotep hustlers. If he had his stuff together, you wouldn’t have to warn him because he would be able to answer legitimate questions without reaching for lies or using the tactic of using buzz words like “reactionary”, “agent” or “negropean”. He would be open and upfront about the business plan, his so-called credentials, his imaginary license to practice and a record of monies collected. Yet you are so obtuse that you think that my being a feminist is the problem? Clearly you are ripe for the picking for this fraud.

      Yes I am a very proud black feminist and so is Assata and Angela and bell and so was Ella Baker and Sojourner. In fact if this idiot didn’t want to prove how ridiculous he is with his contradictions, he wouldn’t be naming his nonexistent school after Frederick Douglass who was a secular, atheist, suffragist and a forerunner of the feminist movement who had a white wife. This is how ridiculous both of you sound with this nonsense.

      In fact, anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the history of Garvey and Douglass would know not to put the two of them together in the title of a school as they would know their opposing historical political views.

      But it’s more than obvious that he and you and the rest if his cult followers are completely clueless about basics when it comes to the history, of even the black men you tout as leaders and historical figures.

      Unlike you, I know the history of the black women who I stand proudly with and on the shoulders of and no amount of lame attempts at stigmatizing the word “feminism”, on the part of con artists and uninformed fools with self inflated male egos with an inept leader suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, will ever diminish their legacy.

  11. I for one, do not hold Dr. Umar above all other men, think he is an extremely gifted speaker with both foresight and a genuine desire to achieve the goals he has set for himself and his program, is he a picture of perfection, No, as is no other man.
    It is always quite evident that whenever a blackman steps forward with courage and an agenda, there are those who for whatever their publicly stated reason, will find something about that persons actions, that is unpleasing to them.
    I for one stand on my faith and belief, not on what another man may believe or believe in, I say that because I do not support the LBGT agenda and do not wish it to be any part of our children’s curriculum. The school that Dr. Umar has stated he envisions is one with an out standing vision of purpose for our black children of which I for one, am only concerned with.
    Humanity is filled with imperfections, many of us stumble along our paths to complete our journey what ever it may be, please allow Dr. Umar the same reflections to his journey.
    Fellow blacks are always the first to disseminate character assassination upon other blacks, who they have held under a microscope and found a crack or two in their armor, allow Dr. Umar the same courtesies as you would any white person with the same agenda, but then if it were a white person, we would not hear the black voices of dissension.

    1. Yet you support a womanizers agenda? Your homophobia aside, white people are not going around selling black people dreams about schools that don’t exist however and coercing them to send them their hard earned money to a P.O. Box with no 501c3 and no board. They also aren’t lying about their credentials and know something about putting together a business plan. So white people, although their track record of oppressive behavior is clear, have nothing to do with this. He in fact serves the oppressive white patriarchy’s interest by keeping black people conned, confused and at each others throats without any real substantive show of result for their financial contribution. That behavior is even lower coming from a black male. It’s low and disgusting and needs to be exposed for exactly what it is.

  12. No one in our community is perfect. They will have flaws. If we are to have make any progress then laying all the burdens on one person may not be the answer. Great organizations were built through collective efforts. We need a collective effort. Instead of attempting to disprove and discredit Dr. Johnson if we have identified areas of weakness then bring that to his attention. There is a way to resolve our differences instead of public scrutiny and humiliation. It is how propaganda campaigns are operated that is how this appears.

    1. My dear sister: With respect, saying no one is perfect is like saying, “water is wet.” It is an obvious statement that comes out when someone or something is critiqued. No reasonable person expects our brother to be perfect; we simply want some questions answered and some feedback on various concerns raised by the very conscious community he is appealing to for money and support. Many people ARE raising areas of weakness and addressing these concerns to him. That’s what this entire letter does in fact. In terms of “public scrutiny,” understand that only private citizens enjoy private scrutiny. Public leaders naturally attract public scrutiny, especially if they’re publicly asking people for money and not fully disclosing certain information.

  13. This situation really makes me ashamed of my race not because of his situation with the woman that’s nothing we cant let that crap disturb the movement. He openly communicates how much he has in donations he should not be ridiculed by people wanting to know too much too only donate 25$ at the end of the day this is Crazy how it is Us trying to bring this brother down. He wasn’t arrogant in the Detroit clip he was being truthful!!! We can do better than what we have in donations for a school. If Kevin heart can sell out 3 shows in 3 days we should be able to generate more for this cause. Yall make me sick hating on this man movement but if he was gay he’d be a world celebrity right now school bout to open up in a week!!!Wow cant believe this a BLACK WOMAN (our weekness) tries to destroy him Now you throwing shade this is horrible.

    1. Wakim: I’m sorry you feel ashamed of your race. I can’t relate because we come from a legion of strong, intelligent, thinkers, builders and warriors. I don’t allow the actions of ANYONE to ever make me ashamed of my beautiful people. I am however, disappointed that some of us are unwilling to be critical and ask intelligent questions. If you are “ashamed” of Black people who raise valid questions, we make you “sick,” AND you identify Black women as “our weakness” rather than a pivotal part of our strength, it sounds like you have some disturbing and conflicted views of your own people. If that is the case, we can’t even address brother Umar until that self-loathing is addressed. And how did I “throw shade on the brother?” I gave him respect and praise in both articles. Read them again and see what I mean?

  14. I wrote this open letter and a previous article regarding brother Umar’s mission to educate our youth. I believe both writings are clear and self-explanatory, but some have attempted to misrepresent my words. I am not accountable for others’ comments. My own words speak for me. I don’t know how anyone could read my articles and suggest I’m a sellout, counter-revolutionary, or that I’m hating on brother Umar. If the Conscious Community cannot tolerate/respond to legitimate critique and cannot recognize when they/we are wrong or inappropriate, then we must reconsider if we have a viable Conscious Community at all. Only cult leaders or narcissists behave or think in this manner.

    1. He responded to your open letter on his Facebook page. I’d like to know what you think about his words…

      “I’ve been made aware of all the hate that has been directed towards me via social media during the past 48 hours, but please keep in mind that it is nothing compared to all the love that I receive. The hate filled articles, youtube cameos, so-called open letters, interviews, & upcoming events that seek to approximate, directly or indirectly, either the drama, my political platform, or both, have done nothing to derail me from my goals. When shit gets spilled the maggots cannot help but to play in it, so let’s let them have their 5 minutes of fame. My attorney has been apprised of the situation and paperwork for the major players in the “Umar Must Go” campaign will be served accordingly. On the other hand, I’ve been receiving nothing but positive letters of support from around the world. FDMG fundraiser donations have seen an increase, and requests to travel the world to address the plight of our people has skyrocketed as of late. In a very ironic manner, these recent attacks have served to strengthen the support for Dr.Umar & FDMG, not weaken it. As for these opportunistic haters in the conscious community, less fortunate “scholars” and con-artists, I see everything, and when the smoke clears your asses will be as irrelevant as before. Throwing rocks at the throne is a waste of time; if you want the crown you gotta come and take it…..”

      1. Yes I saw this. He is clearly aware of my article based on his reference to “so-called open letters.” My last comment right before yours expresses my general opinion. I would only add that I for one am not after any “throne” or kingdom. I want my people to be free and empowered. Period. I am an educator, author and activist and I’m cool in those roles. The only stones I throw (and will continue to throw) are at white supremacists/greedy corporations, those who defend and apologize for them, and those who collaborate with them. Unless Dr. Umar does any of these things, he’s has nothing to worry about from me. Besides, as KRS-One told us, “Kings lose crowns, but teachers stay intelligent.”

      2. Please bring lawyers. Please bring this to a courtroom so he can be charged with fraud and lying about being qualified as a child psychologist, endangering children and running a scam. Please bring this to a legal level. I’d really like to see that fool try it so his black ass will wind up in prison for fraud. Please do it.

  15. I honestly do not believe you need $2 million to start an independent school. You need teachers who are willing to work for ideological reasons and you need parents who are willing to pay tuition and participant in fundraisers and be a part of a community that lives the principles taught in the school. I’m pretty sure Waldorf and Montessori schools did not start with the equivalent of $2 million dollars.

    1. He said he will he needs $4-5 Million.According to brother Umar, The $2 million + will go to purchase St.Paul’s College or the other property in Mississippi. He stated that another $2 million will be used for repair and rennovayions.

  16. From the moment he started advertising himself as the “Prince of Pan-Afrikanism” and saying he was a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass I had my doubts because of the obvious narcissism. Whenever a person puts that much focus on themselves as the “messenger” over the “message” they show a “selfish” character and not the “selfless” manner needed to uplift and help build a community or lead people. My doubts have been confirmed. Since when is a “nephew” a direct descendant of his “uncle”?

    That’s just dumb to believe, and common sense would tell anyone that is questionable. At best, he’s a relative descended from the brother of Frederick Douglass if any kin at all. The recent events surrounding his behavior and the other unpublicized reports by women who he’s also accosted sexually is enough for me. The hypocrisy and lack of accountability in the Black Community is worst than in the Church Community which the Black Community doesn’t hesitate to criticize, yet won’t correct itself.

  17. Not quite sure of the homosexuality bit in this piece, seems random since we are talking specifically about the needs of black people. I think black people should start schools in their own community. I support Umar, but I think the idea matters above all else and blacks schools should be created with or without him.

    1. Thank you for reading and responding. Valid points for sure! The reference to homosexuality stems from an article accusing him of being homophobic and questioning his qualifications to run a school with those views.

  18. I appreciate the diplomacy with which you approached this matter, both in your post and your comments. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

  19. No leaders are above reproach. That includes the good Doctor, Umar Johnson. However, it was said that there have been many “phony” or “fraudulent” leaders in our community in the past and that this is the reason we must be on guard with our current leaders. That may be true. But it is equally true that the “community” has betrayed some of it’s own leaders. Garvey said that the Negro is his own worst enemy because he was viciously attacked by so many in the Black community for frivolous reasons. Dr. Umar has flaws like the rest of us. But do you really question his sincerity? Who can you point to in the community that is actively trying to build on the same scale as the Doctor? Who’s standing up and speaking the truth about White Supremacy and the fact that we (Black people) need to stop talking and take action? If he doesn’t respond to your questions, does that mean he’s a phony? He won’t reply to your particular criticisms so that means he’s trying to swindle the community? Please don’t try to sabotage this brother’s efforts. None of you have any proof that he’s done the community wrong. You don’t even have serious circumstantial evidence that he has defrauded the community, yet many of you are ready to “hang him”. It just shows that not much has changed in the Black community since Garvey’s time.

    1. With respect, this matter will not be resolved with a redundant debate of human perfection. What is at stake here are questions of credibility, integrity, competence and protocol.


    1. Thanks for reading and responding. It is okay to disagree. I encourage principled disagreement. But if you read my open letter, it simply raised intelligent questions. 3 or 4 if I recall, and not one of them suggested that he reveal plans to his enemies. Alloq me to raise a question: Who asks people for $5 million and has no transparent accounting of the money raised?

      1. Again, the dude speaking in all caps above has a very valid point. Yes, TrueSense, when you ask Umar to reveal his plan to you or anyone, it makes it publicly available to the enemy as well.

        This is standard military strategy.

        And to address your last and main point: most folks asking for $5 million or more, into the level of hundreds of millions or even billions, do so without much or any transparent accounting or budget.

        Sure, publicly traded corporations do show a complete set of accounting to the public. But we all know 90% of those are corrupt and inaccurate. They ask for and receive hundreds of millions of dollars every year, in IPOs as well as the infinite wormhole of derivatives and other financial hogwash that Wall Street and our entire economy is awash in…

        And while you still have valid points and it’s understandable for you or anyone in the black community to want and yearn for a complete transparency here, it’s not only unrealistic but it would be completely unsafe to the success of the project.

        Just think of cointelpro and all other enemies of our movement, and how much they would love to have that info as well…

        Don’t believe me? Go look at any other Kickstarter or GoFundMe ever created. Sure, they might offer you a t-shirt or concert tickets in return for your donation… and maybe even a half-assed vague plan. But not one, even the ones that have raised millions, would provide the 100% transparency you are asking for.

        Again, the stock market: Apple splits their stock and raises billions in the span of a few months. They don’t open the book of secrets to you, it’s just up to you as a consumer or investor to trust so deeply in Apple that you will give or invest money to them.

        I believe in Umar, so I invest in him. I believe he can do this and if he proves me wrong, well it’s just a failed investment. Every investor will end up with wins and losses at the end of the day.

        So lets get off our asses and become investors, and stop shooting ourselves in the foot at the starting gate before we even try to solve some of our problems.

      2. When you compare Umar’s lack of transparency to other corporations, do you not realize that Umar is not a corporation, nor does he have tax-exempt corporation? GoFundME is for funding individuals, not companies. So as an individual who is receiving money from low-income blacks, transparency would be the ethical thing to do. Umar’s supporters are not equal to corporate stakeholders/shareholders. And I do hope you were not attempting to make the comparison of unethical corporations that lie and steal as an excuse as to why we should allow Umar to do so as well. The conscious community has a terrible habit of using the treatment of others (whites) in regards to how we look upon our own.

        I’m not sure why the conscious community also thinks they are so worthy of informants. A man that is notorious for downing black women and LGBT surely is doing the work of his true master, just as Bill Cosby did. So it wouldn’t make sense for there to be anyone wishing him to stop this oppression.

        Lastly, as much as the conscious community likes to balk at modern religions, they surely do grasp hold of the same “beliefs” that Christians do. You “believe” in Umar…. eventhough he has no business background or acumen, no experience running an academic institution, and the epitome of what we don’t want our boys to be (baby daddy with multiple baby mamas, financially illiterate, sleeps with strippers, etc). What is your exact belief IN, might I ask?

  21. After reading this article and doing my own independent research, I must say that I agree with the questions asked by the author. I donated money towards the school and also attended a seminar hosted by Umar. I can tell you first hand, that as a whole, black people are in love with just hearing inspiring words of wisdom with no form of action needed or applied. We will even pay for it now, as it is a viable business for several newcomers into the so called, ” Conscious Community”. The real question is: Why do we have to compromise accountability to preserve someone’s or anyone’s image? To tell you the truth, this whole ordeal, lets you see how easy it is to hoodwink a people who need or are looking for some direction. Easy Pickings. Especially, if you do not want to apply the same fundamental elements of inspection, that one would use in any other situation of similar nature.

  22. I simply cannot understand why his supporters aren’t the least bit curious about what is happening with this money that has been donated to him. I also can’t understand why he doesn’t exhibit any activity being done toward the school: location scouting, blueprints, curriculum, nutrition planning….ANYTHING! Perhaps some show of good faith would go a long way to silence his doubters. Unfortunately, black folks in Amerikkka are so desperate for some viable leadership that they’ll hand over their hard-earned money to anyone oratorically skilled enough to promise them a better life. IMO, this situation is beginning to reach cult-like status w/Umar and even if he were to get a school up and running I would not hand my child over to him to be programmed. Thanks for this post as it is refreshing to see I’m not alone in my immense confusion over this shyster who won’t even produce proof he’s an actual doctor, let alone ever obtained ANY degrees.

  23. Awesome open letter. Please also ask him what is his birth name, names of parents, place of and date of birth. Also, ask him why so many names, at least six of them. So even if a degree was found in the name of Umar Johnson, which I found two, how do we know that the person representing himself as Umar Johnson is actually Umar Johnosn.

    In case Umar Johnson responds to your questions and concerns, I do ask that he also respond to my questions that should have everyone pause…

    1. He is also, on top of being a fraud and a con artist, an identity thief. Your response is nothing short of disgusting. To even attempt to put him in the same league as Malcolm and Marcus is an insult to their memory. This idiot has never had an original thought in his life. All he does is copy Amos Wilson and other scholars. No one has to start their own anything to call this fraud out for ripping off black people. And to say that its “only five million dollars” and look at what white people have, is a completely wrong response to people who are enlightening others about a person who is committing a fraud and ripping off poor black people. You must be either a brainwashed cult follower of his, getting some money from him or you must be him in order to even get on here and write something so insane in an attempt to minimuze his crime.

      Taking even ten dollars from a poor black person who thinks this fool is going to put it towards building an alternative place for educating their children, under false pretenses, is wrong. So what are you even talking about? This fraud had no intention of building a school or of even collecting five million as thats how con artists operate. He really only wanted to collect a couple of hundred thousand in the first place. Thats a good enough take so he can continue to get fatter and buy women and hotel rooms. Those entities like COINTELPRO were not set up by black people so they were not examples of black people calling them frauds. So your analogy is false and so is the identity of this fraud you are defending.

  24. Irregardless of how some of you feel about him, we as black people need to do something for our own PERIOD! Too much talking, no action, too many philosophers and intellectuals no action. If you don’t like what he is doing what are you doing to help solve the black problem in America! What are we doing as a community to make things better, blogging and hating each other, criticizing, fault finding. I do feel it is legitimate to ask questions and ask for accountability, however with all the education, knowledge and wisdom what are we doing to better black people on a whole especially in regards to our children? Let’s come up with some ideas put our heads together and make things happen, time for talking is done!

  25. This man is a fraud. The proven ancestors of Frederick Douglas do know who this man is? He refuses to produce his academic record? He is raising money withoit a 501 (c) 3, which says volumes. He has no olans and attacks those who ask important questions. He is arrogant, sexist, mean spirited, and ignorant. He is another pimp in a very long line of them. I thought he was celibate and disciplined? He has been sleeping with a stripper. He is a big ass clown.

  26. blacks people in America vote for white parties and no one see it as a problem . even some black people where against Marcus Garvey. How do we expert some blacks who have been brain-washed and white washed to love Dr Umar Johnson.

    1. Garvey built factories, created a powerful newspaper (Negro World), created the Black Star Line Shipping company, and created one of the most powerful organizations of his day (U.N.I.A). With due respect, Umar is no Marcus Garvey. He is a powerful speaker and phenomenal fundraiser. However there is little evidence of Umar doing sustained community organizing, or creating and running schools.Yet, he’s asked for huge sums of money to start a venture he himself has never produced. Speaking and starting a school (which I’ve done) and leading a school, are two radically different things.

  27. Umar Johnson’s supporters are hopeless and very delusional. Judging a person based on the content of their character means that no one is right simply because they are black. None of his ideologies are anything new. His credentials, financial transparency, rhetoric, ancestry, background, identity, agenda, and his level of integrity have all come into question. No one is trying to stop him because he is a black man with an agenda. Umar is playing on the emotions of people who have been oppressed, feel marginalized, and want answers to make a living. The entire Conscious Community is a joke with no clear plan or agenda. He says whatever is convenient and his supporters, at this point, only support him out of faith with a disregard to all theoretical and practical reasoning, analytical thinking, logic, and contextual understanding.

  28. I say raise your question in the best manner , but dont be so quick to judge…… we the Black Family , has and still giving the devil our money 💰. Not even questioning the devil to show proof in what he is doing with what you are giving him ….. we are so quick to be hard on our own ….. but never quick to bring it to the true enemy that really killing us in ever way .

    1. Being critical – an act of agency and intelligence – should not be confused with being “so quick to judge.” We have the right and responsibility to hold anyone presenting themselves as leaders (or people asking for large sums of money) to a critical standard. Being conscious and supportive of our people is not synonymous with being a fool or a sucker. Period. And for the record, many of us (including myself) ARE very critical of the white man and his institutions as well…..

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