Thoughts on Black Consciousness Debates

Last year, I wrote a previous essay identifying issues the Black conscious community needs to resolve. One of the issues I highlighted was the inappropriate way we conduct formal debates in our communities. Because this is such an important and continuing issue, I’m dedicating this entire essay to the topic. I will begin with an excerpt from that article: We waste precious time debating issues that have already been resolved, or once resolved, push us no closer to meeting an important objective. Unless we’re trying to challenge patriarchy, what is the sense of debating if the Black woman is God? … Continue reading Thoughts on Black Consciousness Debates

Where is Your FAITH, Black People?

Today (January 1) is not just New Year’s Day, a time for getting drunk, attending lavish parties, or reviewing top news or music videos of the preceding year. For those who celebrate or acknowledge Kwanzaa, today is also” Imani,” the last principle of the Nguzo Saba and therefore the final day of the Kwanzaa celebration. Imani is a Swahili word meaning “Faith,” and is described as follows: “To believe, with all our heart, in our Creator, our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.” Naturally, this description provides us with an overarching … Continue reading Where is Your FAITH, Black People?

My Plans for 2016: “Wake up, Clean up and Stand up”

I did not and do not intend for my blog to be a cold and impersonal vehicle of news or current events. My blog takes unequivocal positions on issues I believe are relevant to Black folks. On December 31st, perhaps no idea or issue is more relevant than the “New Year.” Certainly I do not advocate that we become reflective or make plans for improvement on only one particular day of the year. Improvement – self or collective – is a gradual and ongoing process, not static but dynamic. Not rigid but fluid. Not linear but cyclical. So what are … Continue reading My Plans for 2016: “Wake up, Clean up and Stand up”

Scholarship or Activism: Which is More Important?

On social media and panel discussions, we often debate  “Which is more important, scholarship or activism?” One’s answer to that question usually stems from their own experiences and strengths. Those people stronger or more experienced in the realm of intellectual pursuits, typically privilege scholarship. Those more experienced in activism/organizing, tend to privilege that area of expertise. I am fortunate to have the benefit of extensive experience/training in scholarship, institution-building and activism. I began as a serious student seeking knowledge of our history, contributions and world experience. That study compelled me to become active in grassroots activism, consciousness-raising and building independent … Continue reading Scholarship or Activism: Which is More Important?

Press Release: Agyei Tyehimba Donates Books

For Immediate Release Agyei Tyehimba 347-806-9384 Former NYC Schoolteacher Gives Back: Author Donates His Teen Self-Empowerment Books to School he Co-founded New York, New York – December, 24 2015 – Holiday seasons are times to give as well as receive. On January 5, 2016, Agyei Tyehimba – educator, author and activist from Harlem – will embody that message. Tyehimba will donate 25 copies of his book , Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens to 8th-grade students at KAPPA Middle School 215 located at 3630 Third Avenue in the Bronx. But that’s not all. Tyehimba, a former … Continue reading Press Release: Agyei Tyehimba Donates Books

Hurt People Hurt… People!

You’ve either met or heard about them. Narcissistic lovers, overly belligerent law enforcement officers, ruthless business people, physically abusive mates, vindictive discussion group administrators, horrific employers and the list continues. The iron-fisted behavior of these maladjusted types have a number of influences, including capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. These influences also include (often traumatic) childhood and other life experiences. In the interest of providing some relief from such tyrants and in preventing new ones from developing, I offer the following for your consideration. Parents: Hug and patiently reassure your children. Refuse to coddle them or dismiss their indiscretions and shortcomings. … Continue reading Hurt People Hurt… People!

Why We Have Nothing to Fear…At All

In 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt – the 32nd President of the United States – calmed a nation ravaged by the Great Depression with these reassuring words during his first inaugural address: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” I agree with the spirit of Roosevelt’s inspiring proclamation. However I want to make a shorter and bolder statement: “We have nothing to fear.” Famed motivational author Napoleon Hill insisted in his book The 16 Laws of Success (and its abridged version Think and Grow Rich) that fear is one of our greatest enemies. In Hill’s opinion, fear robs … Continue reading Why We Have Nothing to Fear…At All

Fu-k What Scalia Thinks!

As grandma used to say, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” Or, as Chris Rock’s character said in the movie “Boomerang,” “First the Fat Boys break up….now this.”Mass shootings, rampant police misconduct, Trump’s xenophobic rants, and now Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia have Black folk in an uproar. Rightly so. Just two days ago while reviewing the University of Texas Affirmative Action case, Scalia referred to some who believe that Black students don’t fare well at competitive predominately white  universities. In response to his racist innuendos, the judge attracted angry reactions from Black college students, professionals, the Congressional Black … Continue reading Fu-k What Scalia Thinks!

Here are Some Things That Should ANGER Us!

You will need to forgive me. Somehow I didn’t get the memo suggesting that Black folk should NEVER allow ourselves to become upset. To the contrary, I believe there exist some incidents/situations/acts so vile, egregious and reprehensible that it is our responsibility to become upset by them. Naturally corporations, and their spokespersons/defenders (politicians and government officials) work hard and spend vast amounts of money to maintain an ignorant and indifferent citizenry. In their ideal world, we would all walk around buying and using their overpriced products and services and singing “Hakuna Matata” while viewing any number of shamefully idiotic “reality” shows. As we … Continue reading Here are Some Things That Should ANGER Us!