The “Ten Crack Commandments” Revisited

Most hardcore Hip Hop fans are familiar with Biggie Smalls’ popular song, the “10 Crack Commandments.” If you are not, please view the clip below (in the privacy of your home). As you might guess by the song title, Biggie shares his tips for selling “Crack” cocaine successfully – and displays wit and lyrical dexterity while doing so. I involved myself in several activities growing up: Chess, poetry, sandlot and high school football, fighting, Hip Hop emceeing, admiring and trying to meet young ladies, basketball and reading Black History. I never sold or used drugs, so my firsthand knowledge of … Continue reading The “Ten Crack Commandments” Revisited

Open Letter to Brother Umar Johnson Concerning Your Plans for a New Boys Academy

June, 19, 2015 Dr. Umar Johnson: Days ago, I wrote an article in which I supported your mission  to create the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Black boys. I hope you will read my article of support at … Continue reading Open Letter to Brother Umar Johnson Concerning Your Plans for a New Boys Academy

A Black Power Outline…(My Manifesto) Revised

You will notice this article is entitled “A” not “THE” Black Power Outline. This is to connote that it is not the definitive, exclusive, or “divine” plan – just my own thoughts on how to transform our collective condition in the United States. The reference to an outline, suggests that this is not an exhaustive plan. Everything is not spelled out or filled in here, nor should it be. Use your imagination and intelligence and modify, apply or reject as you see fit. Finally, this plan is not novel, new, or any indication of some “genius” on my part, but … Continue reading A Black Power Outline…(My Manifesto) Revised

How Do We Honor Malcolm X?

For these first five months of 2013, my blog articles focus on the need for Black activism. Indeed, most of my articles provide information and analysis designed to stimulate and encourage Black people to organize and become active agents in our liberation. This topic becomes especially important as we approach what would have been brother Malcolm’s 88th birthday tomorrow (had ignorant/misled Negroes in conjunction with repressive white American government interests not killed him). Malcolm X represents many things to many people, but we can all agree that his primary concern, both as a Nation of Islam member and during the 11 … Continue reading How Do We Honor Malcolm X?