Real Talk About Harlem Liberation School

Recently, I wrote an essay calling on Black people to create Liberation Schools all over the United States. The creation of Liberation Schools I argued, was part of a multi-layered approach to resolving the problem of Black Miseducation (in addition to apathy and disunity).

Since then, I’ve had the honor of working with fellow Harlemites to launch the “Harlem Liberation School.” Continue reading Real Talk About Harlem Liberation School

What does Nation-Building Involve?

Many Black Nationalists like myself talk about building a nation… This sounds like a noble task, but what does it mean, and what factors does doing so involve? These are the type of high-level questions serious Nationalists must debate/discuss in the 21st century as we struggle to survive and emancipate ourselves from the United States empire. This essay will briefly outline these concerns. First, what is a nation? The word derives from the Latin term “Natio,” which describes people, tribe or kin.” in a modern sense, a nation is a large group of people that share a common language, culture, … Continue reading What does Nation-Building Involve?

Damaging Ideas/Practices Promoted by Some Members the “Conscious Community”

This phrase “Conscious Community” is quite popular these days. I use it myself. Generally speaking, it refers to those brothers and sisters with some useful degree of sociopolitical awareness, African-centered knowledge of Black history or the Black experience, and an … Continue reading Damaging Ideas/Practices Promoted by Some Members the “Conscious Community”

Ending the Epidemic of Violent Black Death

On Tuesday evening,  at approximately 10:50pm, 27 year-old Darryl Washington died of a fatal gunshot to his head, literally feet from his Harlem residence. Just 15 minutes earlier I stood feet away from where he drew his last agonizing breath. This young Black man was killed by other young Black men, because he  intervened to protect his family member from being assaulted. During the days following this incident, relatives, childhood friends, neighbors, and even passersby acknowledged this young man’s life with a shrine including beautiful flowers, candles, his pictures and large sections of oaktag with various R.I.P.messages of other heartfelt … Continue reading Ending the Epidemic of Violent Black Death