Black Suffering and White Reassurance

As I mentioned in my previous article, Black people currently live in perilous times. Statistics detailing unemployment, education, mass imprisonment, police brutality, mental and physical health, and poverty all bear witness to this fact. As if these societal issues weren’t enough to contend with, some members of our own community take curious positions that enable our oppressors to continue their mischief in good conscience. For example, I’ve heard the following comments from some Black folk concerning police brutality: “Some Black police officers participate in police brutality and some whites are attacked by police, so police brutality is race-neutral (not based … Continue reading Black Suffering and White Reassurance

My Birthday Wishlist

Today, April 25, 2014 is my 46th birthday. This article unlike all the others is about me. I am a little uncomfortable talking about myself, unless there is a lesson or some instruction involved. Nevertheless, it’s important sometimes to put our own lives in perspective and connect ourselves to humanity. 35-40 years ago my definition of “birthday” included balloons, cake, music, games, presents, and plenty of friends and family to celebrate with me. My views about my birthday are now radically different (Rightly so, because it would be truly disturbing if my views and sensibilities hadn’t changed in 40 years, right?) Now, I … Continue reading My Birthday Wishlist

The Exploitation of Black College Athletes

{Note: I released my third book entitled, “Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens,” on April 6, 2014. Check it out, and help me spread the word!} ___________________________ To be Black in America means (among other things) to exist in a constant state of detachment and illusion. For no one wants to repeatedly be reminded of their “otherness,” oppression, or exclusion. Rather than acknowledge such disturbing realities, we’d rather pretend all is well or at least not as disturbing as it actually is. Experts refer to this as “Cognitive dissonance.” We common folk simply refer to this as “living in denial.” … Continue reading The Exploitation of Black College Athletes

25 Ways to Change the World

1. Don’t take things personally 2. Don’t take or consume more than you really need 3. Express yourself clearly, fully and sincerely 4. Only disseminate accurate information 5. Expect the best for yourself and others 6. Organize your time and money 7. Treat others as you want to be treated 8. Use every chance you get to display gratitude for your blessings 9. Laugh, listen to good music, and enjoy the company of good people 9. Be balanced when criticizing others 10. Appreciate and implement the awe-inspiring power of silence and reflection 11. Know when to take a stand and … Continue reading 25 Ways to Change the World

New Year’s Resolutions For Progressive People

The new year of 2014 is drawing near everyone! Traditionally, we take this time to catch up with dear friends, and to reflect on the year that comes to a close. In my hometown of New York City, we gather downtown at Times Square braving the brisk temperatures with our party hats. whistles, and other New Year’s accessories – tilting our heads skywards to watch the famous ball descend while we countdown to the new year. Along with these traditions, we typically attend midnight church service or enjoy extravagant parties. Perhaps the most important New Year’s tradition involves making resolutions, … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions For Progressive People

A Word About Mandela’s True Politics

Greetings all! In light of the Nelson Mandela’s recent death, and the typical revisionist media surrounding revolutionary leaders upon their demise, I wanted to write an article reminding us of Mandela’s true politics. I noticed that nearly all media personalities and outlets highlight Mandela’s “willingness and ability to overcome bitterness and reconcile with his former oppressors.” While this is true, the overwhelming focus on this one aspect of his leadership serves to obscure his revolutionary politics of resistance to the former rulers of South Africa and his longstanding relationship with nations/leaders deemed enemies of the state by the American government. … Continue reading A Word About Mandela’s True Politics