The ProActivist’s Thinking

Two days before Christmas, most people experience anxiety in their shopping for presents. Did I forget anyone? Did I catch the best deals? Did I get the right size or color? When it comes to shopping for or receiving gifts, we tend to be quite proactive and assertive. It’s in the non-holiday parts of our lives that tend to be sluggish, as we wish rather than work or stack up countless dreams deferred. But our lives can be proactive and purposeful once we gain ownership of our lives and stop allowing our friends, television stations, corporations, and others command of … Continue reading The ProActivist’s Thinking

8 Empowering Phrases that Can Change Our Lives

As we approach the new year of 2014, the inevitable issue of New Year’s resolutions will appear. Anytime we assess where we are in life, and take steps toward self-improvement, that is a good thing. As I am no guru or divine authority, I don’t seek to suggest what people should resolve to do in their own lives. I do need to remind you that words, particularly “I” statements, are acutely powerful. Often we float through life purposeless like feathers with no particular direction. We think things that get in the way of our own growth and happiness and refuse … Continue reading 8 Empowering Phrases that Can Change Our Lives

An Eternal Prayer for All Hue-manity…

Dear Creator: We humbly come before you knowing that in reality, You’ve already given us EVERYTHING we need to be fulfilled and empowered (A mind to think and strategize with, a heart to love and be compassionate with, arms to build and embrace with, hands to hold and write with, voices and a mouth to speak/inspire with, feet to move with, and a series of internal bodily systems that teach us the importance of eliminating waste, protecting ourselves against attack, experiencing pain and pleasure, etc). Therefore, we will not continue to ask for what we already have, as doing so … Continue reading An Eternal Prayer for All Hue-manity…

A Different Perspective on Death and Our Ancestors

Most of us in America, whether we choose to admit it or not, are heavily influenced by questionable western/European values and ideas. This includes our notions of body image, beauty, style, health, love, religion, etc. This is a painful reality to acknowledge, for it means the circumference of our lives, definitions, expectations, decisions and therefore – outcomes are not of our own choosing. This especially¬†is¬†difficult when we consider the high levels of stress, poverty, illness, failure, disappointment and dysfunction we endure as a result of our conditioning. I want to explore just a fraction of our ignorance and contradictions surrounding … Continue reading A Different Perspective on Death and Our Ancestors