Empowered Parenting Series Part III: General Tips and Suggestions

The first article of this series discussed the importance of families and presented a definition and description of a dysfunctional family. The second article described an empowered/empowering family and discussed how societal forces work to negatively impact families, often making them dysfunctional. This, the last article of the series, will provide some tips and suggestions what parents can do to make their families empowered rather than dysfunctional. Please remember that creating lasting change does not happen quickly, rather it is a process. Responsibilities, Not Possessions First we must re-examine and expand our view of parenting. Our children are not our … Continue reading Empowered Parenting Series Part III: General Tips and Suggestions

Expanding Our View of Parenting

I am no perfect parent by ANY means. Some of my reflections about parenting that you’re about to read come after years of hindsight thinking about things I could have done better. Nonetheless, I hope to challenge you to rethink and retool your methodology and philosophy of parenting, as it remains one of the most influential and impacting roles in our society. Of all distinctions one can have, perhaps parenting is the most challenging. It comes with no standard job description nor training manual, and requires executing dozens of diverse roles: teacher, counselor, conflict mediator, nutritionist, chef, motivational speaker, dean … Continue reading Expanding Our View of Parenting