Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

America, throughout its 237-year history has largely been abusive, unjust and exploitative in its treatment of Black people. Not even right-wing conservatives or their Negro compatriots can truthfully deny that Black people endured centuries of chattel slavery followed by an additional 100 years of outright racial apartheid (Jim Crow) throughout the United States. Nor can anyone dismiss or deny the consistent American campaign to denigrate and degrade Black people using the most vile and obscene references to our hue, anatomy, intelligence, humanity, and competence. These combined psychological, political and social attacks were in effect, designed to make the world and … Continue reading Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

Join Me in Creating a New Organization for Black People

Black people in America and throughout the Diaspora: In response to ongoing transgressions against Black people locally, nationally and globally, and my sense that some of you share my passion and interests to empower and advance our community in tangible ways, I’m working with other Black people to create a new organization. I envision that this organization will have a strong online presence but will in grassroots fashion, address tangible problems on the ground in our respective communities, utilizing the talents and energy of people committed to social change. It appears that the time is ripe for a mass organization … Continue reading Join Me in Creating a New Organization for Black People

A Call For Black People to Organize!!

I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youth Who won’t accept deception in, instead of what is truth It seems we lose the game…  before we even start to play Who made these rules? We’re so confused Easily led astray Lauryn Hill – ”Everything Is Everything” Sadly, Lauryn Hill’s words ring eerily true. We Black people – despite years of pain, discrimination, and injustice – choose to play by rules created by our oppressors to make sure we “lose the game.” Then, we have the audacity to wonder why we continue to lose. Am I overstating the … Continue reading A Call For Black People to Organize!!

What We Should Appreciate About Hugo Chavez

On March 5, 2013. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela since 1999, died of a massive heart attack at 58 years-old after a 2 or 3-year battle with cancer. Predictably, leaders of various nations responded to the controversial leader’s death in politically motivated ways, and mainstream (corporate-controlled) media seized the opportunity to portray Chavez as a demagogue and loudmouth buffoon with an obsessive hatred for the United States. However, many of we outside observers thirsting for liberation, education, healthcare, economic justice, and inspired and uncompromising leadership, viewed Chavez as an outspoken opponent of Western imperialism and hegemony. In fact, he supported and received support from the very nations America … Continue reading What We Should Appreciate About Hugo Chavez

We Need a Spiritual Revolution!

So many issues confront the Black community with such intensity that we often become paralyzed in our efforts to address the issues. Where do we begin?What is the most pressing issue? What issue confronts the largest numbers of our community?  Who should lead? How do we inspire people? These are the questions we ask, attempting to make sense of it all. Some of us suggest that education is the key, while a chorus of others suggest economics, religion, political reform, family values, and the list goes on. I tend to agree with brother Malcolm’s analysis. A strong proponent of nationalism and … Continue reading We Need a Spiritual Revolution!


America has a conflicted relationship with committed Black leaders or social icons. She typically views them as threatening, arranges her financial, political and law enforcement agencies to neutralize or kill them, and then portrays them as “patriotic Americans” long after their demise. This occurs because these conservative forces view Black liberators as “safe” and unable to stir up trouble once dead. Therefore it is not uncommon to find the very people this country once defined as enemies of the state with their likenesses on U.S. postage stamps after their death. This distinguished list includes Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, … Continue reading THE TRUE LEGACY OF MUHAMMAD ALI


A Word About Special Interests Politicians regularly denounce and dismiss what they call “Special Interests” or “Special Interest groups.” Of course, these terms are often (but not always) coded language referring to issues or people that are either non-white, non-male, non-privileged, or by definition, non-important by “mainstream” standards. Typically, Blacks, Latinos, women, the poor, the gay community and many other marginalized people comprise such “special interests.” Fortunately, organizations comprised of committed people form to protect and advance these varied “special interests.” Unions for example represent the “special interests” of workers and in doing so are responsible for making the workplace … Continue reading A SANKOFA CALL TO BLACK STUDENT UNIONS

“Gangsta” is Not Revolutionary

In his 1963 “Message to the Grassroots” speech, Brother Malcolm X warned, “If some of you understood what a revolution really is, you wouldn’t use the word. Revolution is bloody, revolution is hostile, revolution destroys everything in its way.” I have reason to believe that many politically minded college students, hip-hop artists, and other members of our community, mistakenly refer to themselves as “revolutionary” because they confuse the term’s meaning. One problem we face in discussing anything revolutionary, is that the term and its implications are not fully understood. Naturally, this society’s elite benefits from our confusion in this regard. … Continue reading “Gangsta” is Not Revolutionary