Tips for Becoming More Effective Community Organizers

Those of us who are community organizers, share both blessings and challenges as a result of the life paths we’ve chosen (or that chose us). In terms of blessings, we receive the respect and gratitude of our community members, who appreciate our hard work and noble efforts. In addition, we enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that our ideas and work educate and empower those for whom we do what we do in the first place. Lastly, we often establish contacts with business owners, elected officials, philanthropists, and fellow organizers. This gives us access to funding, information, and opportunities which … Continue reading Tips for Becoming More Effective Community Organizers

Real Talk About Harlem Liberation School

Recently, I wrote an essay calling on Black people to create Liberation Schools all over the United States. The creation of Liberation Schools I argued, was part of a multi-layered approach to resolving the problem of Black Miseducation (in addition to apathy and disunity).

Since then, I’ve had the honor of working with fellow Harlemites to launch the “Harlem Liberation School.” Continue reading Real Talk About Harlem Liberation School

Black History isn’t our Corpse, it’s our Resurrection!

Each February, we Black folks take four weeks to celebrate and delve into our rich history. This takes many forms including fancy dinners, fashion shows, special exhibits in libraries/museums, wearing t-shirts bearing the likeness of famous Black leaders and thinkers, lectures and much more. An entire online industry has emerged via YouTube featuring debates, interviews and presentations from college trained and self taught scholars regarding African history. Thanks to groups like the Amen Ra Squad and the House of Consciousness, more Black youth are exposed to the work of John Henrik Clark, George G.M. James, Ben Yosef-Jochanon, Ivan Van Sertima, … Continue reading Black History isn’t our Corpse, it’s our Resurrection!

What Makes a (“Real”) Man or Woman?

Being a “Grown man or woman” is a badge of honor that does not come automatically with age. We all know people who are mature (or not) for their age, based on their experiences and personal qualities. Have you given thought to the things that distinguish good or authentic men and women in your life? I have. In my humble opinion, to qualify as a “Real” man or woman, you must (at some time or another): 1. Have the experience of paying bills with your own money and/or contributing to running a household. 2. Have had your heart broken and … Continue reading What Makes a (“Real”) Man or Woman?