What Makes a (“Real”) Man or Woman?

Being a “Grown man or woman” is a badge of honor that does not come automatically with age. We all know people who are mature (or not) for their age, based on their experiences and personal qualities. Have you given thought to the things that distinguish good or authentic men and women in your life? I have. In my humble opinion, to qualify as a “Real” man or woman, you must (at some time or another): 1. Have the experience of paying bills with your own money and/or contributing to running a household. 2. Have had your heart broken and … Continue reading What Makes a (“Real”) Man or Woman?

Black Empowerment Series: A Call to Create Liberation Schools in the Black Community

In an earlier essay addressing the issue of Black miseducation, I argued that – in addition to identifying, recruiting and training conscious Black teachers – we must use a multifaceted approach: 1.Build independent African-centered schools and home schools, 2.challenge and reform traditional public schools, and 3.create independent alternative after school programs to supplement the limited education provided in most traditional public and private schools. Pouring our energy into these efforts simultaneously is perhaps the only way to accomodate the educational needs of our 7.7 million school-aged children and youth. Any one approach is insufficient. This essay essentially asks Black activists, … Continue reading Black Empowerment Series: A Call to Create Liberation Schools in the Black Community

The “Ten Crack Commandments” Revisited

Most hardcore Hip Hop fans are familiar with Biggie Smalls’ popular song, the “10 Crack Commandments.” If you are not, please view the clip below (in the privacy of your home). As you might guess by the song title, Biggie shares his tips for selling “Crack” cocaine successfully – and displays wit and lyrical dexterity while doing so. I involved myself in several activities growing up: Chess, poetry, sandlot and high school football, fighting, Hip Hop emceeing, admiring and trying to meet young ladies, basketball and reading Black History. I never sold or used drugs, so my firsthand knowledge of … Continue reading The “Ten Crack Commandments” Revisited

Letter to the U.S. Government Or, “Suggestions for Ending Mass Shootings and other Domestic Horrors”)

December 3, 2015 Dear U.S. government, corporate conglomerates, and devil’s advocates: As you well know, this nation finds itself tortured by a disturbing epidemic of domestic violence. This takes the form of gang warfare and other community predatory behavior, anti-Black police brutality, suicide, sexual assault, and mass shootings.  This tumultuous scenario has yourselves and we citizen-residents predictably alarmed. This is especially true in the arena of mass shooting/killings. The San Bernardino shooting yesterday marked 352 mass shootings in only 336 days of 2015. What you don’t know – or at least do not acknowledge – is the primary role you play … Continue reading Letter to the U.S. Government Or, “Suggestions for Ending Mass Shootings and other Domestic Horrors”)

Avoid the “Sophomore” Path

The term Sophomore literally means, “Wise fool.” It refers to those who’ve read a little bit of this or been exposed to a little bit of that, and arrogantly feel they have a deep or masterful grasp of the subject at hand. That’s why we refer to a second year high school or college student by this designation. Metaphorically speaking, the second year student refuses to acknowledge and respect the greater experience and knowledge of upperclassmen who’ve been at the school longer and whose studies are more advanced. This student might even attempt to dismiss or disregard the counsel or … Continue reading Avoid the “Sophomore” Path

What does Nation-Building Involve?

Many Black Nationalists like myself talk about building a nation… This sounds like a noble task, but what does it mean, and what factors does doing so involve? These are the type of high-level questions serious Nationalists must debate/discuss in the 21st century as we struggle to survive and emancipate ourselves from the United States empire. This essay will briefly outline these concerns. First, what is a nation? The word derives from the Latin term “Natio,” which describes people, tribe or kin.” in a modern sense, a nation is a large group of people that share a common language, culture, … Continue reading What does Nation-Building Involve?