Why I Now Renounce Black Nationalism and Race-Based Activism

Good morning, family! After much reflection and soul-searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that my previous political ideas and activities were misled and inaccurate. For this reason, I”m moving to Britain, marrying a white woman I met at a Republican convention, and will begin to write books and deliver speeches explaining how racism no longer exists, how Black people are to blame for all of our problems, why ancient Greece is the cradle of world civilization, and why cultural assimilation is our best choice going forward. Because I believe in organization-building, I’ve started the Uncle Rawkus Club and Ronald Reagan … Continue reading Why I Now Renounce Black Nationalism and Race-Based Activism

Putting the Assata Shakur Issue In Perspective

On May 4, I launched a petition drive in support of political activist Assata Shakur in response to the news that the FBI named her on their “Most Wanted Terrorists” List, and posted a $2 million reward for assistance leading to her capture. The petition, addressed to President Obama, requests that he: 1. Launch a federal and state investigation to determine the validity of Ms. Shakur’s initial conviction and prison sentence 2. Rescind Ms. Shakur’s status as a “terrorist.” 3. Terminate any bounty or “reward” for assisting in her capture.  4. Exonerate Ms. Shakur of ALL criminal charges and void … Continue reading Putting the Assata Shakur Issue In Perspective

The Time is Now! From Black Theory to Black Practice

Experiences throughout the last 2 or three years of my life have caused me to seriously rethink my views concerning Black liberation. I owe this period of readjustment to my experiences as a doctoral student in African-American Studies and to my experiences on Facebook. Prior to this time, I believed that our greatest challenge was to organize and re-educate the masses of our people. While this remains an inevitable step in the process of Black liberation, I’m now convinced that our largest challenge lies not with the masses of our people, but ironically, with the politically conscious element among us, … Continue reading The Time is Now! From Black Theory to Black Practice

My (Political) Birthday Wish List

So today, April 25th is my 45th birthday. This article unlike all the others is about me. I am a little uncomfortable talking about myself, unless there is a lesson or some instruction involved. Nevertheless, it’s important sometimes to put our own lives in perspective and connect ourselves to humanity. 35-40 years ago my definition of birthday included balloons, cake, music, games, presents, and plenty of friends and family to celebrate with me. My views about my birthday are now radically different. Rightly so, because it is truly problematic if our views and sensibilities have not changed in 40 years, no? … Continue reading My (Political) Birthday Wish List