Thoughts on Black Consciousness Debates

Last year, I wrote a previous essay identifying issues the Black conscious community needs to resolve. One of the issues I highlighted was the inappropriate way we conduct formal debates in our communities. Because this is such an important and continuing issue, I’m dedicating this entire essay to the topic. I will begin with an excerpt from that article: We waste precious time debating issues that have already been resolved, or once resolved, push us no closer to meeting an important objective. Unless we’re trying to challenge patriarchy, what is the sense of debating if the Black woman is God? … Continue reading Thoughts on Black Consciousness Debates

Ideological Conflicts Within the “Conscious Community”

  I am convinced that some of our greatest internal barriers to progress come from misguided ideologies promoted by some members of what we’ve come to know as the “Conscious community.” People that are politically or socially conscious are presumed to be in touch with the problems, resources, history and needs of the Black community. Such people and groups also develop ideologies which they believe effectively address and solve the problems we face. But ideologies are not perfect, and some  are actually overly simplified, impractical, disconnected from the political or economic realities we face, or largely ineffective. This article will … Continue reading Ideological Conflicts Within the “Conscious Community”