The Black Code?

So many groups seem to have a code or set of ethics that guide their actions. All gangs have a code, much to our detriment, police departments have codes. Sports teams and even the criminal street elements in our communities have codes as well (the most popular being “Snitches get stitches”). Schoolteachers, members of the clergy and parents  have codes. Indeed codes seem to exist and co-exist all around us. This realization got me thinking about a basic code of ethics for Black people in general. I know this is impractical given the great diversity of beliefs and values among our … Continue reading The Black Code?

BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS 101 (using movie clips)

I recently posted an article explaining the concept of political“consciousness.”   In this article, I provide basic concepts of Black conscious thinking with the aid of movie and television clips. … ___________________________________ 1. The Matrix: Understanding the ideological nature of our oppression, why some of our own people constitute “the enemy” is and why it is so difficult to overcome our oppression 2. The Lion King: How the oppressors use propaganda to make  those they oppress adopt a passive, non-confrontational and apathetic attitude (a.k.a.’hakuna matata’). 3. Star Wars: The need for us to be spiritually connected, unafraid, and faithful. 4. Shawshank Redemption: … Continue reading BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS 101 (using movie clips)