Thinking like an Institution-Builder

  Where is the Black man’s government? Where is his king and his kingdom? Where is his president, his country, and his ambassador, his army, his navy, his men of big affairs? I could not find them, and then I declared, “I will help to make them.” Marcus Garvey Living as I do in NYC, the city of my birth, forever reminds me of the fast-paced and impatient nature of life. Who waits to boil tea in a pot when we can microwave a cup of water? Why bake a cake when we can buy one from the bakery? Exercise and consume fewer … Continue reading Thinking like an Institution-Builder

I Ask Black People: What is the Prize?

Peace and blessings, dear readers. I come to you today with a very serious question for you to ponder. Our understanding of this question and our collective answer to it, will have major ramifications for our liberation/civil rights/Black Power agenda going forward. Our answer to this question and our implementation of those answers, will partly determine the future of our people. Quite simply, the question is, “What is the prize?” To provide some historical context and perspective, our enslaved ancestors might have seen the prize as the ending of enslavement in America. But they inevitably saw the limitations of this … Continue reading I Ask Black People: What is the Prize?

The REAL Verdict of the Trayvon Martin Case

The wrong-minded and upsetting verdict in the Zimmerman trial this evening only further confirms my suspicions concerning American jurisprudence concerning original peoples. The clear victims here are Trayvon Martin and his family and Black/Brown people who live in a nation that does not value or defend them. Yet this is not the last or even most important verdict in question. This article aims to briefly discuss and explain the REAL verdict we must tune ourselves into. I’ve written extensively about such issues all year from a variety of angles and don’t want to be redundant here. I will say that … Continue reading The REAL Verdict of the Trayvon Martin Case

How “The Lion King” Relates to Black People

{Note: I released my third book entitled, “Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens,” on April 6, 2014. Check it out, and help me spread the word!} _______________________________ I know….I know…. you’re thinking “First this guy writes about the Wizard of Oz, then The Godfather, and now the Lion King? Brother Agyei Tyehimba is overly-fascinated with fiction movies. He’s crazy!” In truth, wise people (which we are or hope to be) can glean truth and insight from ANYthing which contains it. And this includes: music, art, speeches, cartoons, movies, etc. Disney released the original Lion King movie in 1994. At … Continue reading How “The Lion King” Relates to Black People

Why Cults are Self-Defeating for Black People

Cults. There is simply not enough space or time to sufficiently address these nefarious and dangerous organizations. However, given that so many beloved Black people fall victim to them, this article will briefly address what they are, how to know if you’re in one, and why such organizations are so dangerous and self-defeating. Formally speaking, a cult is a political, religious or social organization whose beliefs and practices are considered bizarre and unorthodox by members of society. This rather loose and ambiguous definition fits many of our currently-existing organizations however, so we must be more specific in identifying the factors … Continue reading Why Cults are Self-Defeating for Black People

5 Things I’m Tired of Hearing Black Folk Say

We all have our pet peeves. Some people hate when people pick their teeth or cut their fingernails in public. For others, it’s that annoying Felix Unger-type nasal sound people make when they are congested. Then there’s the people (that don’t realize their cell phone contains a microphone) who speak 100 decibels too loudly in public. These things annoy me as well. My greatest pet peeves however involve certain things Black folk say, things that are either simply not true, or that oversimplify a more complicated reality. One of my goals as a radical intellectual/activist, is to expose our people … Continue reading 5 Things I’m Tired of Hearing Black Folk Say

The Time is Now! From Black Theory to Black Practice

Experiences throughout the last 2 or three years of my life have caused me to seriously rethink my views concerning Black liberation. I owe this period of readjustment to my experiences as a doctoral student in African-American Studies and to my experiences on Facebook. Prior to this time, I believed that our greatest challenge was to organize and re-educate the masses of our people. While this remains an inevitable step in the process of Black liberation, I’m now convinced that our largest challenge lies not with the masses of our people, but ironically, with the politically conscious element among us, … Continue reading The Time is Now! From Black Theory to Black Practice