About My New Book “The Blueprint: A BSU Handbook”

If oppressive corporations can spend so much time, resources and energy to advertise and promote their (largely toxic) products to the public, I see no reason why the people cannot  promote  products which provide guidance and clarity to the public. In this spirit, I present you with an excerpt of my new book, The Blueprint: A BSU Handbook. “BSU” refers to “Black Student Union,” and this book is a manual for how to effectively organize for Black Student Unions on college campuses. At the same time, much of the information in this book (distilled from my own experiences as a … Continue reading About My New Book “The Blueprint: A BSU Handbook”


A Word About Special Interests Politicians regularly denounce and dismiss what they call “Special Interests” or “Special Interest groups.” Of course, these terms are often (but not always) coded language referring to issues or people that are either non-white, non-male, non-privileged, or by definition, non-important by “mainstream” standards. Typically, Blacks, Latinos, women, the poor, the gay community and many other marginalized people comprise such “special interests.” Fortunately, organizations comprised of committed people form to protect and advance these varied “special interests.” Unions for example represent the “special interests” of workers and in doing so are responsible for making the workplace … Continue reading A SANKOFA CALL TO BLACK STUDENT UNIONS