The (Hidden) Agenda Behind Educating Black and Brown Children

Many colleagues, political pundits and administrators grapple with the issue of providing adequate education to this nation’s most vulnerable and underserved citizens: children of color. But while some of us desire to empower and liberate this demographic through education and prepare future generations of leaders and problem-solvers, others have a more nefarious agenda. This agenda disguises itself behind noble-sounding platitudes like “No Child Left Behind,” and “Closing the Achievement Gap.” Its proponents are conservative and liberal politicians, think tanks, business leaders, educational scholars, and school leaders. Some have malicious intentions, and others have adopted policies without truly understanding the implications … Continue reading The (Hidden) Agenda Behind Educating Black and Brown Children

American College Education: Solution Or Scam?

Over the course of his re-election campaign president Obama repeated his belief that a college education represented young people’s entry to the middle-class and career stability. Within the Black community, Obama’a pleas fell upon receptive ears. In many Black households, acquiring a college education is non-negotiable. Black people traditionally place great value in post-secondary education, and for good reason. In the past, college education provided Black people a degree of status in addition to general escape from poverty and social immobility. Recent research on the matter however, raises a number of disturbing issues that force us to seriously reexamine our … Continue reading American College Education: Solution Or Scam?