The (Hidden) Agenda Behind Educating Black and Brown Children

Many colleagues, political pundits and administrators grapple with the issue of providing adequate education to this nation’s most vulnerable and underserved citizens: children of color. But while some of us desire to empower and liberate this demographic through education and prepare future generations of leaders and problem-solvers, others have a more nefarious agenda. This agenda disguises itself behind noble-sounding platitudes like “No Child Left Behind,” and “Closing the Achievement Gap.” Its proponents are conservative and liberal politicians, think tanks, business leaders, educational scholars, and school leaders. Some have malicious intentions, and others have adopted policies without truly understanding the implications … Continue reading The (Hidden) Agenda Behind Educating Black and Brown Children


With Black History Month (BHM) rapidly approaching, I want to take this opportunity to address: 1.) The purpose and background of BHM  (2. The limited ways in which we typically use this month  3.) How to make BHM more relevant and empowering. Purpose/Background What we now refer to as Black History Month began as “Negro History Week.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard University graduate and history professor, began this commemoration in 1926. He was frustrated by the absence of scholarship and discussion about Black people’s contributions to America and the world. He hoped that NHW would fill this void. A … Continue reading MAKING BLACK HISTORY MONTH RELEVANT


{Note: I released a new book in October 2015 entitled “My Two Cents: Unsolicited Writings on Racism, Politics & Culture.” It’s an excellent holiday gift featuring various essays from this blog. I am a huge fan of movies and music. In fact, I often think in terms of movies scenes or songs. Far from simply being a form of entertainment, the best art arranges symbols, words, and ideas in ways that inspire and educate us. Bear with me then, as I take you on a journey to explore the larger themes in the famous musical, “The Wizard of Oz.” Problems … Continue reading HOW THE WIZARD OF OZ APPLIES TO BLACK PEOPLE


It seems that everyone from bloggers to university professors is hyped up over the movie Django Unchained and with good reason. ANY movie about enslavement – fictional or not – is likely to arouse our fears, anger and a wellspring of emotions. However, commentary concerning this movie is now so saturated, and at times confused, that I will not contribute to the redundancy. Besides, when we give such overwhelming attention to one thing, we tend to miss opportunities to shed light on others. Therefore I will resist my temptation to join the ever-increasing chorus of Django critics or supporters, and instead direct … Continue reading NOT ANOTHER REVIEW OF DJANGO

10 Things We Should NOT Teach Our Children

1. “Race doesn’t matter.” The concept of “race” – that we can accurately determine one’s intelligence, ability, habits, attitudes or destiny based on their biological racial designation – is a lie and illusion. One’s biology does not determine any of these things which are mostly influenced by culture, observation and education. However “racism” is real. So it is more appropriate to teach our children not to judge people on anything but their deeds and actions and to do so on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, we must teach them that racism/sexism/class exploitation, and the brutality, prejudice, discrimination and … Continue reading 10 Things We Should NOT Teach Our Children


{Note: I released my third book entitled, “Truth for our Youth: A Self-Empowerment Book for Teens,” on April 6, 2014. Check it out, and help me spread the word!} ____________________________ Wouldn’t it be interesting if we approached parenting in the same manner as preparing a Jedi Knight? This would require us to shift our focus from merely protecting, feeding, clothing, and teaching basic lessons, to preparing our children with the specific SKILLS, CHARACTER TRAITS, and ATTITUDES they would need to function effectively as adults and to defend and advance our communities long after we’re gone. Notwithstanding white supremacy, the reason why so … Continue reading RAISING JEDI KNIGHTS: RE-THINKING THE GOALS AND METHODS OF CHILD EDUCATION


 Transcript of Agyei Tyehimba’s Commencement Address to KAPPA Middle School 215 June 20, 2012 Fordham Preparatory High School- Bronx, NY I envision a world wonderful and bright where everyone has the freedom to shine their light where our youth can go outside at night without cops or vigilantes shooting them down on sight I envision a world… where we rap about truth and sing about hope to inspire our youth and help them to cope instead of delivering messages that promote sexism, violence, materialism and dope I envision a world where this very class steps up to the challenge and … Continue reading 2012 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS TO KAPPA MIDDLE SCHOOL