Measuring the Effectiveness of our Organizations

Creating or joining a Black organization is one thing. Leading one is another; Leading one effectively is another matter altogether. An important part of the process involves evaluation. By this I refer to an accurate way of determining if we are leading effectively. Without a reliable evaluation method, we have no way of determining where our organizations stand or if they are successful. This article will attempt to create a very basic form of leadership evaluation using questions in various themes. A more thorough method would involve scoring each section and would establish a range of scores representing poor, average, … Continue reading Measuring the Effectiveness of our Organizations

11 Qualities of Effective Leaders

Leadership. So often spoken about, so rarely exemplified. This is especially true regarding effective Black sociopolitical leadership. The jury of Black historical experience has deliberated for decades, and the verdict is in: Both our local communities and larger national landscape are witnessing a void in effective leadership. This doesn’t imply that we have NO competent or sincere individuals pushing agendas, advocating for people, challenging injustice or implementing solutions to our problems. Any brother or sister living in any U.S. city can produce a list of such people with respect to their own ┬álocality. And yet, we cannot allow idealism or … Continue reading 11 Qualities of Effective Leaders