Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

America, throughout its 237-year history has largely been abusive, unjust and exploitative in its treatment of Black people. Not even right-wing conservatives or their Negro compatriots can truthfully deny that Black people endured centuries of chattel slavery followed by an additional 100 years of outright racial apartheid (Jim Crow) throughout the United States. Nor can anyone dismiss or deny the consistent American campaign to denigrate and degrade Black people using the most vile and obscene references to our hue, anatomy, intelligence, humanity, and competence. These combined psychological, political and social attacks were in effect, designed to make the world and … Continue reading Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

Thoughts About Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving now upon us, many will write their annual obligatory comments on Facebook, Twitter, via text messages and so forth. These messages will run the gamut from simple (“Happy Thanksgiving”), to the spiritual (“Give God glory and thanks on this day for all of His blessings”), to political (“This day commemorates the white man’s betrayal of Native American humility and generosity.”) I too, participated in this ritual of praise and gratitude. This morning I posted the following: There is no law that says we must mimic others’ cultural practices, or share their identical values or narratives. I have learned … Continue reading Thoughts About Thanksgiving