Lessons for the Righteous Teachers

No doubt some of you reading this believed you were reading a diatribe referring to schoolteachers. If so, please excuse me for the unintended mis-communication. In truth, this article speaks directly to the “righteous” teachers, those of us who claim as our mission eliminating ignorance and sparking critical thought and positive action among our people. But why would we the teachers, leaders, organizers and conscious members of the community need “lessons?” Simply put, because we like everyone else are imperfect, flawed, and in constant need of reflection and redirection. We often speak of “the masses” in unflattering terms like “ignorant,” … Continue reading Lessons for the Righteous Teachers

10 Things the Recent Election Taught Me About US

This is a short note given that I’ve written extensively on this issue before. My countless discussions and debates with fellow intelligent, concerned and political-minded Black people on and off the Internet lead me to the following sobering conclusions. The good news is that we have time to address these things, transform our priorities and refashion our agenda and strategic thinking. No, these conclusions do not represent ALL Black people, just many I’ve talked with and observed. And yes, I am wearing my body armor in preparation for hostile responses… 1. At this late date, we STILL do not understand … Continue reading 10 Things the Recent Election Taught Me About US

Political Lessons I learned From Watching “The Godfather”

I’ve reached a time in my life where I must be honest. And since honesty begins with us, I have a confession to make. For the last twenty-five years or so, I’ve been in a polygamous relationship. My dad introduced me to my first love, history, Malcolm X posthumously introduced me to my second love, politics, and America herself introduced me to my third love interest, popular culture. Everything I think, write and speak about is somehow colored by these considerations in varying degrees, and perhaps I’m too weak to let any of them go. Yet my intellectual infidelities all come … Continue reading Political Lessons I learned From Watching “The Godfather”