In Memory of Brother Malcolm X on His 90th Birthday

Today – May 19, 2015 – marks what might have been brother Malcolm’s 90th birthday. That possibility ended when assassins comprised of misled Black folk and U.S. government intelligence/law enforcement agencies, killed brother Malcolm on February 21, 1965. Malcolm X was … Continue reading In Memory of Brother Malcolm X on His 90th Birthday

3 Reasons Why Nikki Minaj’s Latest Ploy is Unacceptable

Due to centuries of anti-Black propaganda, and the need to fight for justice and empowerment, I work daily to decolonize the minds of my beloved Black people, especially our youth. It is a job that some trivialize and others fear. Yet some of us have to do it. It may not be glamorous, earn prestigious awards, or bring luxurious homes and great material wealth, but it is invaluable nonetheless. Regardless of their wealth, fame and god-like status, entertainers are people too. And like any other people, they are capable of misjudgment and inappropriate actions. When this occurs, we must be critical of … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Nikki Minaj’s Latest Ploy is Unacceptable

My Interview With Malcolm X Part I

Just a week go, responding to the question “What one historical figure would you interview if given the opportunity,” I replied without hesitation, “Brother Malcolm X, of course!” I spent the remainder of that day thinking about an interview  with my personal hero and one of the 20th Century’s greatest proponents and theoreticians of Black liberation. I pondered what questions I’d ask, how Malcolm would respond, and whether his powerful presence would intimidate me. Last week – defying all laws of physics, space and time – I woke up to find Malcolm X sitting at my desk, enthusiastically surfing the Internet … Continue reading My Interview With Malcolm X Part I


  _________________________________________ Some 46 years after his assassination, Malcolm X remains a much-revered symbol of transformation and uncompromising Black radical leadership. Yet, with his immense popularity comes equally immense confusion and controversy concerning his significance, evolving political ideology and relevance . . . facts that are underscored because he was killed before he could fully realize his political objectives. Malcolm’s significance arouses hotly contested debate and varied interpretations. Late historian Manning Marable in his controversial biography describes Malcolm X as a combination trickster and hustler figure, who performed several roles in a quest to survive and express himself. According to Marable, “His narrative is a brilliant series of reinventions, … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MALCOLM X