Why the President Changed His Tune

So I heard the President’s press conference remarks regarding Trayvon Martin’s murder and the Zimmerman verdict. I’ve also reviewed various people’s remarks to Obama’s latest statement on the incident.  Some are relieved to hear the President speak more deeply to the issues of race, racial injustice, the unfair treatment Black men receive in this society and how the legacy of anti-black violence and oppression have colored the way Black people view the criminal justice system.  Others were impressed with the President’s sober and personal statements including his recognition of how Blacks continue to be mistreated and mischaracterized. Finally, there was … Continue reading Why the President Changed His Tune

Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

America, throughout its 237-year history has largely been abusive, unjust and exploitative in its treatment of Black people. Not even right-wing conservatives or their Negro compatriots can truthfully deny that Black people endured centuries of chattel slavery followed by an additional 100 years of outright racial apartheid (Jim Crow) throughout the United States. Nor can anyone dismiss or deny the consistent American campaign to denigrate and degrade Black people using the most vile and obscene references to our hue, anatomy, intelligence, humanity, and competence. These combined psychological, political and social attacks were in effect, designed to make the world and … Continue reading Obama: The Charismatic New Face of Imperialism?

4 Myths about Dr. Martin Luther King

Today we observe the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday and reflect upon Dr. King’s message, mission and moral mandate.  Much of what transpires today is predictable: Students have no classes, many workers have the day off, and opportunistic corporations will likely have sales in his “honor.” Churches and community centers will hold large and small commemorations and television networks will air their annual Dr. King movies, interviews, and news specials. Some of us will play audio or video clips of Dr. King’s passionately poetic speeches and marvel at his courage, commitment and vision. Of course, the magnitude of this day … Continue reading 4 Myths about Dr. Martin Luther King