A Word About Special Interests Politicians regularly denounce and dismiss what they call “Special Interests” or “Special Interest groups.” Of course, these terms are often (but not always) coded language referring to issues or people that are either non-white, non-male, non-privileged, or by definition, non-important by “mainstream” standards. Typically, Blacks, Latinos, women, the poor, the gay community and many other marginalized people comprise such “special interests.” Fortunately, organizations comprised of committed people form to protect and advance these varied “special interests.” Unions for example represent the “special interests” of workers and in doing so are responsible for making the workplace … Continue reading A SANKOFA CALL TO BLACK STUDENT UNIONS

“Gangsta” is Not Revolutionary

In his 1963 “Message to the Grassroots” speech, Brother Malcolm X warned, “If some of you understood what a revolution really is, you wouldn’t use the word. Revolution is bloody, revolution is hostile, revolution destroys everything in its way.” I have reason to believe that many politically minded college students, hip-hop artists, and other members of our community, mistakenly refer to themselves as “revolutionary” because they confuse the term’s meaning. One problem we face in discussing anything revolutionary, is that the term and its implications are not fully understood. Naturally, this society’s elite benefits from our confusion in this regard. … Continue reading “Gangsta” is Not Revolutionary

Political Lessons I learned From Watching “The Godfather”

I’ve reached a time in my life where I must be honest. And since honesty begins with us, I have a confession to make. For the last twenty-five years or so, I’ve been in a polygamous relationship. My dad introduced me to my first love, history, Malcolm X posthumously introduced me to my second love, politics, and America herself introduced me to my third love interest, popular culture. Everything I think, write and speak about is somehow colored by these considerations in varying degrees, and perhaps I’m too weak to let any of them go. Yet my intellectual infidelities all come … Continue reading Political Lessons I learned From Watching “The Godfather”

Racism – As American as Apple Pie

I am becoming increasingly irritated by comments suggesting that racism no longer exists or thrives in America. I cringe with each “America is post-racial” comment or insinuation. Every “race is simply a by-product of capitalist exploitation: it will fall with capitalism” statement causes my skin to crawl and my stomach to ache. Each “If WE were in power, we’d be just as oppressive,” or “It’s not REALLY about race, but money” line causes my heart to palpitate. I am not a political hypochondriac; the “pain” I feel and observe among my people is REAL and statements that reflect the sentiments … Continue reading Racism – As American as Apple Pie